The Liberty Seminars 2015: Impressions by Alumni
10 Jun 2016

"The Liberty Seminars proved to be a great personal and professional experience for me. During those few days I met great people, learnt about challenging ideas and had the chance to listen to outstanding lectures from experts all over the world. The seminars provided me with a much better understanding on the idea of liberty, and its political and economic implications. I met amazing people from all over the world and I will always treasure their friendship. Participating in the Liberty Seminars is an essential experience for everyone interested in freedom and liberty."
Peter Bence Stumpf, Hungary

"Liberty seminar was one of the best experience I had, it is a very nicely designed conference which brings people from different backgrounds and countries to discuss on liberal ideas and helps us to understand liberal ideas and free markets in better way! The conference is not only discussion but it is nicely planed to have a mixed experience of adventure and knowledge."
Roomani Shah, India

"Liberty Seminars are a wonderful experience. For people who like to seek the truth, who like to discuss economics, history and politics this is a gold-mine. I really enjoyed the experience and hope that more people go through the seminars and have their horizons opened. In an environment which doesn't value entrepreneurship, truth, history and rational thinking, Liberty Seminars is definitely a place where one can openly and freely be a libertarian and share ideas that matter as well as spend time with the fellow libertarians from elsewhere in the World as well."
Matic Jelovcan, Slovenia

"When I think back of the Liberty Seminar in Slovenia in 2015, I can only recall nice memories which immediately put a smile on my face. The whole seminar was a truly enriching experience, both academically and personally. The combination of discussion based exercises, teamwork activities and some leisure time created an environment in which a person's mind naturally relaxes and opens up to new ideas. The discussions which we had on liberty topics might have ended but in my head I continue to think over them long after the seminar has finished. I hope that in the future more people will have the same chance as I had to experience this unique libertarian seminar and meet new friends."
Boris Kirov, Bulgaria

"Liberty Seminars Slovenia were very fruitful and inspirational for me. Seminars helped me to widen my views about individual liberty and importance of liberal economy to uplift the living conditions and create jobs. Free market is definitely much better alternative than state controlled economy. The material provided at the seminar was very helpful as it covered a wide range of policy issues."
Puskar Dhungel, Nepal

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