2014 Liberty Seminars, Day Four
27 Sep 2014

The fourth day of the Liberty Seminars 2014 can be called a day of money. In the morning, Liberty Camp and Liberty Academy simultaneously heard from David Greewald and Primoz Kocuvan. Greewald led workshops about the origin and nature of money, while Kocuvan ran sessions on unintended consequences of social engineering.

In the afternoon, David Greenwald prepared a workshop on credit expansion and economic collapse, which was attended by the participants of both groups.

The evening program was devoted to sessions by Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, who has beeen a faculty member of Liberty Seminars the fourth year in a row. During the sessions, Dr. Mitchell dugged deep into the differences between symptoms and causes of the financial and debt crisis.

In the late evening, participants worked hard on the preparation of the debates to take place on Friday.

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