2014 Liberty Seminars, Day Two
25 Sep 2014

The second day of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia started with sessions in smaller groups conducted simultaneously. As such, Chris Snowdon (Institute of Economic Affairs, UK) discussed taxes on food, tobacco and alcohol and later on drug legalization with the participants of the Liberty Academy, while Liberty Seminars 2008 alumn Zoltan Kesz (Free Market Foundation, Hungary) talked about state capitalism and rise of racism with the participants of the Liberty Camp.

After delicious lunch outdoors, Chris Snowdon gave talk on state funded groups in the European Union for all participants.

In the afternoon, Tanja Porčnik of Svetilnik led two discussions. In the first session participants were challenged to ponder on the foundation and extent of individual rights and government powers. Second day of the Liberty Seminars 2014 ended with a session on political philosophies of liberty. Participants also took a world's smallest political quiz, which enabled them to find out where they fit on the ideological/political map.

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