2014 Liberty Seminars, Day One
24 Sep 2014

On Monday, September 22, 2014 the Seventh Annual Liberty Seminar in Slovenia kicked off at Hotel Jezero on Lake Bohinj. We are happy to welcome participants from 12 countries.

Thanks to our generous supporters ( Atlas Network, Cato Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs, Ayn Rand Institute, and Foundation for Economic Education) we handed out hundreds of books and other material at the registration. Our supporters are fantastic!

After a warm welcome and opening remarks by the staff, Tanja Porcnik led the first discussion, "Measuring Freedom". During the session, Tanja Porcnik introduced an index that measures human freedom around the world. Participants were provided with data of the index that they will use on Wednesday in their own presentations about state of freedom in their countries.

The next three discussions were run by Dr. Tom G. Palmer of the Atlas Network and Cato Institute. In the first session, Dr. Palmer offered a detailed overview of the history of liberty, followed by a discussion of its future. The second session, "Why Liberty?", focused on the ideas of freedom. In the last session of the first day, which took part in the evening hours, participants had a chance to learn from Dr. Palmer how to become more effective public speakers.

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