2013 Liberty Seminars, Day Five
05 Sep 2013

The last full day of the Liberty Seminars started with the debates. Earlier in the week, the participants have been divided into 6 groups, each of which decided on a leader and two individuals who will debate on Friday. Three debates were on the topics of ownership of your body (kidneys), smoking in the private establishment, and homeschooling of children.

After the debates, we immersed into the last three sessions of the Liberty Seminars 2013. The first two ("Market Money vs. Monopoly Money" and "Credit Expansion, Resource Misallocation, and Market Crashes") were led by David Greenwald, and involved small interactive workshops.

For the final session, we welcomed Zoltan Kesz from the Free Market Foundation in Hungary, who led a discussion on the current challenges the Hungarians are facing. Interestingly, Zoltan is an alumni of the first Liberty Seminar Slovenia in 2008. After attending the seminar, his goal was to start an organizon which will promote freedom in Hungary. He has reached his goal and we were very happy to have him back at our seminars as a speaker.

The very last item of on the agenda of the Liberty Seminars 2013 was the announcement of the winners of the debates and the graduation. The judge of the debates Tanja Stumberger Porcnik announced the results of the debates. The first debate was won by Jaka Soba from Slovenia and Marek Tatala from Poland. The seocnd debate was won by Rok Novak from Slovenia and Thomas Helwig from Germany. The third debate was won by Ahmed Hafez from Egypt and Rajya Laxmi Gurung from Nepal.

As each participant recieved the certificate of succesful completition of the Liberty Seminars 2013, we have brought to an end a week long seminar full of ideas, disucssions, friendships, and fun.

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