2013 Liberty Seminars, Day Four
02 Sep 2013

The morning of a day four was dedicated to the presentations of our participants. Resorting to the worldwide Index of Human Freedom and other sources for data, each participant had 10 minutes to present an issue of the greatest threat to freedom in his or her own country, as well as propose ways of improving the current situation. A Q&A period followed each presentation. The session was very intense, lasting for 4 hours without a break, but it was all worth it, as the participants got a chance to learn about the situations in 16 countries as well as brush on their public speaking skills.

Rok Novak, Slovenia

Alena Sukhapara, Belarus

James Root, United Kingdom

Rajya Laxmi Gurung, Nepal

After lunch, the participants of the Liberty Academy 2013 participated in a discussion entitled "Flat Tax, Tax Competition and Tax Haven", which was led by Dan Mitchell, while the participants of the Liberty Camp 2013 participated in a discussion entitled "Youth Unemployment in Developed Countries: Situation, Causes and Potential Cures", which was led by Tanja Kosi Antolic.

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