2013 Liberty Seminars, Day One
27 Aug 2013

The 6th annual edition of the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia welcomed 28 participants from 16 countries at Hotel Kompas at Lake Bled on Monday, August 26.

Due to our generous supporters (Adam Smith Institute, Cato Institute, Institute of Economic Affairs, Heritage Foundation, The Ayn Rand Institute, and Heritage Foundation) we handed out hundreds of free books and other material during the registration. Our supporters are amazing! Thank you.

After the opening remarks by the staff, the Liberty Seminars started with first session on liberalism, classical liberalism and libertarianism lead by Tanja Stumberger Porcnik. During the session the participants took world's smallest political quiz and discussed different views on economic and personal freedom in political spectrum.

The second lecture with Stephen Davies of the Institute of Economic Affairs offered a brief overview of history of liberty in Europe, followed by a discussion on its future.

The first day of the Liberty Seminars was closed with Tanja Stumberger Porcnik explaining different approaches and available indexes of measuring freedom.

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