Liberty Seminars 2012 in Numbers
11 Oct 2012

- 1 opening ceremony
- 1 closing ceremony
- 1 mega bus rented
- 1 executive director (Tanja Stumberger)
- 2 program managers (Catinca Hanganu and Lovro Jurgec)
- 2 debates with 8 debaters (Yannick Sustersic, Iryna Tumanova, Barbara Stempien, Jan Czada, Aliaksandr Papko, Lukasz Jakacki, Anna Czepiel and Martin Belan)
- 3 alumni returned (Iryna Tumanova, Sasha Dragovich and Pavlo Marchuk)
- 3 volunteers (Paolo Angelini, Boris Stumberger and Primoz Kocuvan)
- 3 conference rooms
- 4 movies screened (“Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman”, “The Battle of Ideas”, “Overdose: A Film about the Next Financial Crisis” and “Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?”)
- 5th annual Liberty Seminars
- 6 days of the seminars
- 7 blog posts written during the seminars
- 8 speakers (Doug Bandow, Bob Chitester, Adam Martin, Daniel J. Mitchell, Tom G. Palmer, Lawrence W. Reed, Tanja Stumberger and Katarina Zajc)
- 10 free market organizations (Adam Smith Institute, Atlas, Ayn Rand Institute, Cato Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, Fund for American Studies, Heritage Foundation, Institute of Economic Affairs and Katantanija Institute) donated over 2.000 copies of books and DVDs
- 10 canoes rented
- 14 meals
- 22 discussions
- 23 countries represented (Austria, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States)
- 24 guests attended the open events during the seminars
- 32 post anonymous surveys filled
- 38 double rooms occupied at 2 hotels (Hotel Lovec and Hotel Kompas)
- 53 participants
- 69 donors raised over 55.000 euro
- 80 accepted applications
- 90 kremsnite (Bled local dessert) eaten
- 287 applications

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