2012 Liberty Seminars, Day Five
01 Sep 2012

We started our fifth day with two great lectures by Dr. Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute. In the first one titled "The Future of International Security Alliances", dr. Bandow presented libertarian view on foreign policy. In second one titled "Drug War and Drug Decriminalization", Dr. Bandow discussed positive effects of drug decriminalization.

After lunch the participants watched a documentary movie titled "Overdose: A Film about the Next Financial Crisis", which portrays real reasons for current financial and economic crisis. After the movie, we heard a great lecture by Dr. Larry Reed titled "Great Myths of the Great Depression", in which Dr. Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education discussed causes of economic crises.

In the late afternoon, participants of Liberty Academy 2012 participated in a discussion titled "The Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises", which was led by Dr. Dan Mitchel, while the participants of Liberty Camp 2012 participated in a discussion titled "Free Trade and Security", which was led by Dr. Doug Bandow.

We were happy to be visited by Mr. Zoltan Kesz, 2008 Liberty Camp participant from Hungary, who very successfully created "Free Market Foundation" after returning to his home country from the seminar with us. While in Slovenia in 2008, Zoltan expressed his future plans about promotion of liberty in Hungary in the following video.

We ended the day with the world premiere of a documentary movie titled "Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?", in which among others the Executive Director of the Liberty Seminars Tanja Stumberger appeared. After the movie, both Ms. Stumberger and Mr. Bob Chitester, Executive Producer of the movie, took questions from the audience.

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