2012 Liberty Seminars, Day Four
30 Aug 2012

We started the fourth day of the Liberty Seminars 2012 enjoying a documentary movie: "The Commanding Heights: The Battle of Ideas". After the movie, we heard a fantastic lecture titled "The Goverment`s Role in the Economy: Keynes v. Hayek" which was given by Dr. Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, in which Dr. Mitchell disscused how governments should react in economic crises and how big they should not be.

Mr. Bob Chitester had very interesting presentation of Izzit.org

After lunch outdoors we went canoeing on Lake Bohinj. Some people even dared to go for a swim at the lake.

Later in the afternoon we hiked through the woods to reach beautiful waterfall Savica.

We ended the day with delicious pizza in the Lake Bohinj area.

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