2012 Liberty Seminars, Day Two
29 Aug 2012

Second day started with participants' presentations of civil and economic liberty in their own countries. The presentations of the individual countries were based on the Economic Freedom of the World Index and various civil freedom indicators. In four hours of presentations, we learned a lot about 23 countries the participants are coming from and concluded that these countries are much more similar when it comes to the size of both the government and state-owned industries, as well as corruption and violations of the freedom of the press than we thought.

The presenters received a free copy of a book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. donated to our project by the Ayn Rand Institute.

After lunch, we heard an excellent lecture titled "History of Liberty", in which Dr. Tom Palmer led us through the work of the most magnificent liberty thinkers and heroes in history.

Dr. Palmer held a second lecture titled "Good things happen in the Region", in which he analyzed the most recent problems connected with civil and economic liberty around the world.

The day finished with a lecture "History of Economic Thought" by Dr. Adam Martin. This lecture focused on most important economic theories and authors in history.

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