2012 Liberty Seminars, Day One
27 Aug 2012

The 5th annual edition of the Liberty Seminars opened its doors on Monday, August 27 to 53 participants from 23 countries. The seminars are held at Hotel Kompas at Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Due to our generous sponsors (Adam Smith Institute, Atlas Network, Ayn Rand Institute, Cato Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, Heritage Foundation, Institute of Economic Affairs and Network for a Free Society) we had many books and other material to give away to the participants. Each Liberty Camp participant received "Morality of Capitalism", while those at the Liberty Academy recieved freshly published "After the Welfare State", both edited by Dr. Tom Palmer.

At the afternoon sessions, Tanja Stumberger and dr. Katarina Zajc laid the foundations of the seminars by discussing individual rights versus government powers and the role of the rule of law in a free society.

The first day of the Liberty Seminars 2012 ended with participants' preparation on their next day's presentations of "State of Freedom" in their home countries.

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