In Honor of Milton Friedman
18 Jun 2012

Year 2012 is the centennial of Milton Friedman's birth.

We are pleased to announce that the 5th annual Liberty Seminars in Slovenia will be held in honor of Milton Friedman, one of the greatest champions of liberty in the 20th century. About Milton Friedman.

At this occasion, the Liberty Seminars 2012 will host Bob Chitester, founder and president of Free To Choose Network and its production and educational initiatives Free To Choose Media and

Bob has served as executive producer for The Power of Choice: the Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman (on PBS).

In 1980 Bob Chitester brought Milton Friedman to public television and was responsible as executive producer for Friedman's landmark PBS series Free To Choose and the best-selling book that emanated from the series.

Free or Equal, hosted by Swedish author Johan Norberg, is his latest production -- re-examining the impact of Free To Choose more than thirty years later.

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