Dr. Mark Calabria Reflects on the Liberty Seminars 2011
11 Nov 2011

"Beautiful alpine lake, in-depth discussions about liberty and economics, and of course, the great company of fellow scholars and students, what more could one ask? The Liberty Seminars are an amazing way to spend a week. The mixture of group outdoor activities and indoor discussions is stimulating for both the mind and body. Rather than dry lectures, the seminars are interactive presentations and exchanges among scholars and students, as well as among the students themselves.

The environment was incredibly conductive to debate and discussions. Dinners and lunches were generally informal, but engaging and presented an opportunity for participants to network. The diverse background and nationalities of students, and scholars, injected a variety of perspectives. I sincerely felt that I did as much learning as I did teaching. It was truly a rewarding and memorable experience.

Tanja, Catinca and Boris did an amazing job organizing the seminars."

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