David Greenwald shares his thoughts on the 2011 Liberty Seminars
04 Nov 2011

"The Liberty Seminars which I was privileged to participate in this year quite honestly exceeded my expectations, and this despite the fact that I had already led one seminar the summer before.

This year's students were among the most motivated and intellectually curious that I have ever worked with, as evidenced by the spirited discussions that went on outside of class during meals, coffee breaks, and other social time. Particularly encouraging were the level of inquisitiveness displayed by a majority of the participants, which was almost unparalleled in my experience, and the sophistication of the questions they posed. It was a very cohesive and lively group, and the assistance and input of new staff member Catinca Hanganu was especially welcome.

In sum, this year's seminars were among the highlights of my teaching career so far. I only hope that the seminars of the future can live up to the same high standard."

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