Closing remarks for the 2011 Liberty Seminars
30 Sep 2011

As we end this year's edition of the Liberty Seminars, we hope to have successfully challenged at least a few statist ideas, raised countless questions and opened a window into the world of opportunities within the libertarian movement.

We would like to deeply thank our sponsors for trusting us and supporting our mission. We would also like to thank our faculty members for their eloquence in explaining the core principles of freedom, during discussions as well as in informal settings.

But mostly we would like to thank our participants for thinking critically and openly, while engaging both faculty and staff in conversations. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and we hope to hear from them soon as they take the path of academia, politics, journalism, political consultancy, entrepreneurship or non-profit organizations.

Yours truly,
2011 Liberty Seminars Staff

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