Day Six of the 2011 Freedom and Transition Seminar
25 Sep 2011

We began the last day of the seminar with a discussion led by Phillip Hanson of Birmingham Universityon the topic of Varieties of Capitalism in Ex-Communist Countries.

Milica Vukotić of Montenegro's University of Donja Gorica followed, engaging the participants on the topic of private versus public education. The discussion was less formal, as everyone shared their own experience with (mostly) public education and learned about UDG's timeline and evolution.

After lunch, we engaged into the last discussion of the seminar Philip Hanson's Why is it so Hard to Modernize Russia? , where we also touched upon Dmitri Medvedev's recent announcement that Vladimir Putin will be the next Russian president.

The most expected moment of the seminar--the debates--shortly followed. Having Tanja Štumberger and Milica Vukotić as judges, Vid Greganovič and Dana Kushpler (sister of Liberty Seminar 2008 alumni Bohdan Kushpler) won the first debate on the topic of mandatory annual test for heavy drugs for the Presidents, MPs, Prime Minister's cabinet and judges. At the second debate on life-long terms for judges Dominik Weber and Jakub Pivoluska won.

The graduation ceremony with our traditional green diplomas was followed by the delicious pizza and refreshing drinks at a nearby restaurant. Strangely enough, no singing was involved.

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