Day Five of the 2011 Freedom and Transition Seminar
25 Sep 2011

After breakfast, we delved right into the participants' presentations of rule of law and governance in their respective countries. Though the focus was on rule of law and governance, we also heard many thoughts on economic and political freedom.

The presentations detailed and interesting, whil providing us with new insights into Slovenian, German, Slovakian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian societies.

In the afternoon, Urban Vehovar joined the list of speakers. He delivered two talks on the current situation in Slovenia, like the recent vote of no confidence to the government, low political culture and increased brain drain.

Eager to prepare for Sunday's debates, the four colored themed teams spread around the hotel lobby and conference rooms, devising their strategy for debate. Some of them were captured on camera, uttering the famous words 'And if they mention the unreliability of the hair tests, we will reply by saying ... [undistinguishable murmur]'.

Once the plans were made, arguments rehearsed and speakers appointed, everyone headed to the last opened bar in the nearby village Stara Fuzina, where the treacherous game of inebriating one's enemy began. Traditionally, we ended the night with another spontaneous choir, this time performing In the Jungle and already a classic Trololo.

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