Day Three of the 2011 Freedom and Transition Seminar
25 Sep 2011

The third day of the seminar started with a discussion with Primo┼ż Kocuvan that dealt broadly with public choice theory, the (non)clearance of markets and the negative impacts of over-regulated markets.

We continued with Tanja Štumberger's discussion explaining Ayn Rand's view of the individual rights and the role of the government to protect them, which offered the participants a framework for their presentations on The Rule of Law and Governance in their own countries scheduled for Saturday.

After picnic at Lake Bohinj, we headed toward Slavica Waterfall, the Bled Castle and enjoyed local desserts at Bled. In the free time at Bled, some explored the town while some took a walk around the Lake Bled, before heading back to our hotel at Lake Bohinj.

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