Day Six of the 2011 Liberty Camp
19 Sep 2011

The last day of the Liberty Camp 2011 started with a screening of Commanding Heights' episode The Battle of Ideas. On the same topic, Dan Mitchell in his presentation 'Government in the Economy: Keynes v Hayek' compared the two fundamentally different views on the role of the state.

During the Q&A the Scandinavian states were offered as a counter-example that big government might not always be an impediment to growth. Dan cleared out this very frequent misunderstanding by explaining that these states became rich through laissez faire policies before having a bloated public sector.

The academic part of the seminar ended with Mark Calabria's discussion on The Dollar, Euro and Renminbi: The Future of International Currency Competition, concluding that fiat money can be only as good as the politics that is behind it.

The most nerve wrecking moment of the seminar followed: the civil and economic liberties debates between the participants. For the past years, this last test of the seminar has brought forth some excellent public speakers so the stakes were high.

The first debate was 'Government should have the power to regulate business in order to protect the environment', where the proposition team won. Ejona Shundi and Alexey Ilin were on the winning team. The second topic was 'Parents have a right to homeschool their children' and the proposition won again, thanks to the rhetorical skills of Ivan Ratković and Yury Perfilyev.The debaters of the winning teams took home David Boaz's Libertarianism: A Primer as prize.

At the graduation ceremony that followed, the participants received diplomas, which were in the seminar's themed green color.

The Liberty Camp 2011 came and went really fast, giving answers and raising many other new intellectual questions. One thing is certain, many participants that did not have a strong background in economics have discovered this new fascinating discipline through the libertarian perspective.

Good luck to the participants in their new endeavors!

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