Day Four of the 2011 Liberty Camp
16 Sep 2011

Friday started off with another Izzit short film, Freedom's Sound, a documentary on Estonia's fast economic growth followed by the economic liberalization and privatization. Afterwards, David Greenwald explained the nature and consequences of copyright and patent law. This discussion took place on a pier of Lake Bohinj, which is surrounded by breathtaking Julian Alps.

Participants heard that intellectual property cannot coexist with real property rights. David mentioned open source programs as a good example of how a dynamic industry can evolve in the absence of intellectual property. As the libertarians disagree on this topic, our debate was very stimulating.

Mateja Rek joined the Liberty Camp faculty and lead a discussion on The Power of Global Civil Society, where she stressed the importance of the civil initiatives and philanthropy. After lunch, we headed out to test our canoeing skills on Lake Bohinj. Although skeptical about authority, most soon learned through trial and error that choosing a "captain" to coordinate them is not that bad.

Before dinner, new faculty member Tanja Kosi talked in depth about Labor Markets: Regulation vs. Flexibility. At her second discussion, Mateja delved into the influence of the media in shaping our political and personal preferences. Media literacy, eco campaigns and anti-tobacco campaigns were offered as example of the present status quo, which is rarely disputed.

After dinner we celebrated Ivan Ratkovic's birthday. It looks like a lot of libertarians are born in September.

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