Day Two of the 2011 Liberty Camp
14 Sep 2011

The liberty campers started the day watching the groundbreaking 20/20 episode "Greed" with John Stossel, which questioned the participants' view of self-interest and philanthropy.

Tanja Štumberger lead the first discussion of the day. Tanja and the participants delved into the origin, importance and scope of the individual rights.

Among the text discussed were the U.S. Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, John Locke's Two Treatises of Government, Ayn Rand's Man's Rights (The Virtue of Selfishness) and Atlas Shrugged.

Talking about the distinction between positive and negative rights as well as between the right to happiness and the right to be happy sent a clear message that we do not have a right to something that someone else has produced or paid for.

An interesting discussion developed on the topic of victimless crimes such as prostitution, drug use […], where the Cato's study Decriminalization of Drug Use in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies was a very useful resource.

David Greenwald, who led his discussion outdoors at beautiful Lake Bohinj, stirred the interest of his audience by discussing different legal cases and the principles that the judges apply at their work.

Even though many participants are not trained lawyers, all of them became immersed into the topic and soon realized that personal views and opinions shape any judge's interpretation of the legal code.

Prior to the discussion with Primož Kocuvan on The Essence and Importance of the Private Sector, the participants watched the Izzit video Everyone's Space, showing how private entrepreneurs have taken the helm of the new space race.

Primož's experiences in the field of startups and special solutions helped the participants to understand the practical implication of free economy.

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