Day One of the 2011 Liberty Camp
14 Sep 2011

The Liberty Camp 2011 started off with a discussion on the differences between liberals, classical liberals and libertarians, which was lead by Tanja Štumberger. The discussion transitioned into a vivid debate on the morality of the public education. As education is both an asset and a virtue, is it relevant whether it is financed through taxation or voluntary contributions? On a few occasions, the discussion leader mentioned Cato scholar James Tooley's book A Beautiful Tree, which documents that private schools are providing quality education to millions of poor children in the developing world.

After the dinner, we watched The Power of Choice - The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman. Primo┼ż Kocuvan lead a follow-up discussion, presenting the main ideas of Monetarism and sharing his thoughts on Milton Friedman's legacy.

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