Liberty Seminars Alumnae Intern at Cato
09 Feb 2011

I am overjoyed that the Cato Institute has offered me an exciting opportunity to be part of one of the most educational and interactive internships programs. Hoping to spread the notions of individual liberty and limited government outside the U.S., the Cato Institute has in recent years increased a number of international interns. My intern class has a diverse mix of individuals from all over the U.S., as well as from around the world. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the interns offer a unique and interesting environment. From weekly seminars with Cato’s distinguished scholars to projects that stimulate individual's growth and learning, the Cato Institute internship program truly stands out as a stimulating and beneficial experience. The continued interest from young passionate libertarians from all around the world will surely play a key role in the internship program in coming years.

Karina Horvathova, Slovakia, 2009 Freedom and Transition seminar alumna and Spring 2011 Cato intern

The Cato internship has been one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences of my student life. It has broadened my knowledge of the legal and philosophical foundations of the United States and made me a much better debater. Moreover, working with the trade department exposed me first hand to current economic debates in an academic—yet policy-focused—environment, something I could not find in college. Lastly, I feel that I have gained important know-how on how to present libertarian ideas to a skeptical audience. Now I have a well tested recipe for the promotion of liberty and free trade back home in Romania!

Catinca Hanganu, Romania, 2008 Liberty Camp seminar alumna and Spring 2011 Cato intern

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