Bernard Brščič Reflects on the Liberty Seminars
06 Dec 2010

Bernard Brščič, a faculty member since the project started in 2008, shared with us a few of his thoughts about the Liberty Seminars. Brščič is a prominent Slovenian classical liberal scholar. We are delighted and honored to have him on our faculty.

"Liberty Seminars present a convenient platform where academics and young students can discuss various aspects of liberty. In an informal and friendly atmosphere the issues of freedom, property rights, rule of law as preconditions for individual flourishing as well as for the establishment of the good society. The seminars address both the abstract questions of classical and contemporary liberalism as well as the concrete problems of transitional societies. As both faculty and the participants come from different academic backgrounds the discussions have the advantage of multidisciplinary approach and include philosophical, historical, juridical and economic viewpoints."

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