David Greenwald Reflects on the Liberty Camp
08 Nov 2010

David Greenwald, one of the favorites of the Liberty Camp students, gave us the below feedback. As much as he enjoyed teaching, we enjoyed hosting him. Thank you, David!

"The Liberty Seminars are a fantastic place for young people to enhance their understanding of libertarian economic and social theory in a concentrated and intensive way. The relaxed environment allows for a much freer exchange of ideas than would typically occur in a more formal, academic setting. From a teacher's perspective it is ideal, as you teach only students who are truly interested and intent on learning, and are taken completely out of the authoritarian role imposed on teachers to some degree by all state education systems. As for the students, I was impressed by both the number of questions I was asked -- in and out of class -- and by the level of understanding demonstrated by the questioners. It was a great experience for me personally, and I certainly hope to lead workshops here again next year."

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