Night to Remember
21 Sep 2009

It was the last evening at Bohinj for the participants of our first seminar, the 2009 Liberty Camp. After six days of continuous lectures, debates, discussions, movie screenings, field trips, canoeing, presentations and evening socializing it was time for the organizers to hand out diplomas at the graduation, after which we all headed for a celebration with BBQ and a camp fire.

On the same day, the participants of the second group (2009 Freedom and Transition seminar) arrived in the afternoon. They joined the festivities that extended into early morning hours.

We are all extremely grateful to our superb chefs (Boris M., Lea, Mitja, and Boris Š.) who prepared delicious food. For more adventurous, sausages were grilled on the open fire. Slovenian wine proved its quality. Conversations and singing in multiple languages, dancing, laughing and building long-lasting friendships created extremely pleasant atmosphere of the night we will never forget.

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