Liberty Camp's 4th day
19 Sep 2009

A little bit about what happened today at the Liberty Camp.

Today we started with the screening of the film "Greed" with John Stossel. After the film, we had short discussion about the main issues in it. Clearly, the so-called vice of the greed has very much been the improvement of human life, and that it is a virtue indeed.

This discussion has been continued in the discussion "Self-interest and Pride as a Virtue", lead by Tanja Stumberger. At the same time, with another group of students, prof. Miroslav Prokopijevic discussed the subject "Why the Worst Get on the Top". This Hayekian notion was developed with the active participation of students' questions and discussions.

After that we had sightseeing tour on Slap Savica (Waterfall Savica) and Lake Bohinj. It was very exciteing trip, about 5 km long in one direction. You can see the beauty of Slap Savica on the posted pictures.

In the evening, we were visited by a guest lecturer, Mr. Wayne Crews.

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