Participants 2016


Alma Basic
Alma is a student of Enterprise Management at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zenica, BiH. She is an active member of CAFE-Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise which helps her to understand and develop ideas of liberty. Also, she attended European Students For Liberty (ESFL) conference in BiH, was a PR manager of CEO (Career Entrepreneurship Opportunities) conference in Zenica and volunteered in the organization of BDC conference at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zenica. Alma is promoting liberty mostly by respecting the rights of other people, even if she finds their actions or words disagreeable.

Uros Bozin
Uros is currently a journalist at Slovenian Business Newspaper Finance in Ljubljana writing about real-estate and cars. He has a Bachelor's degree in International relations (module European Studies) and Masters' degree in American Studies (module German studies). He was a trainee at the German Embassy in Ljubljana and has published an article: 'Germany: Greener Electricity Comes at a Higher Cost to Consumers' for Nautilus Institute for Security and sustainability (Berkeley) in the Global Energy Monitor of The Center for Energy Governance & Security. He is passionate about Liberty, free choice and free Society but also likes energy and cars.

Matic Jelovcan
Matic is jack-of-all-trades from Kranj, Slovenia. He’s a photographer, graphic designer, an artist, an entrepreneur. He’s an avid Libertarian and a Christian striving to live in light of Christian and Libertarian values, which is becoming increasingly difficult in this day-and-age. He’s constantly seeking lawful ways of legally evading the taxes, regulations and other work- or pay-prohibiting laws that the State brings forth. After having completed some theological studies, he’s now studying Fine Art on a private college Arthouse in Ljubljana. When he doesn’t study or work for The Bible Society of Slovenia, he likes to either learn new things and read books (especially on liberty or history) or spend time in nature, with horses or his camera.

Dzenita Trako
Dzenita was born in March 1993. After completing Prva gimnazija in Zenica, BiH, she graduated in Business Administration at Economic Faculty of the University in Zenica in 2015. Currently, she lives in Sarajevo, where she pursuits her master’s degree program in Crisis Management at Economic Faculty of University. Since she was 19 years old, she has been volunteering in various organisations, such as CPA, Sigma, Omega kartice, Medica Zenica, CEO, ONAuBiH, Ernst&Young and ESFL.

Laxmi Dhungel
Laxmi holds an M. A. in Sociology from Purbanchal University and an M. A. in Political Science from Tribhuvan University. She has also completed M. Phil. in Development studies at Kathmandu University, Nepal. Laxmi has been pursuing Ph. D. at School of Arts, Kathmandu University in migration studies particularly focusing on the returnee women migration. She strongly believes that women in Nepalese society are dominated by so called patriarchy that is deeply rooted for a long time. Laxmi has a great interest in the idea of liberty for people where the individual is the main actor. Her research is focused on the women issues. She likes dancing and taking care of children. She is blessed with a daughter of 3 years.

Ljupcho Stojkovski
Ljupcho is a PhD candidate in International Law and International Relations at "Ss. Cyril and Mehodius" University in Skopje, Macedonia. His research interests focus on the use of force in international relations, humanitarian intervention, Responsibility to Protect and the UN Security Council. Ljupcho is also interested in philosophy (especially political philosophy and philosophy of religion). Ljupcho is a Senior Commissioning Editor for E-International Relations website.

Madhav Khadka
Madhav is M. Ed. in English language and linguistics from Mahendra Ratna Campus and M. A. in Political Science from Central Campus, Tribhuvan University. He avers that liberty is the key in the all-round development of human beings and hence, has to be ensured. His research includes the women’s roles and participation in the Nepalese constituent assembly (Parliament at present). His aim in the research is to minutely observe the status of women MPs at home and House in terms of their decision making in home affairs and parliamentary session. His nonacademic interest encompasses cycling, travelling, and running.

Mariana Diniz Lion
Mariana is a state coordinator of the Brazilian Students for Liberty and works for Mises Institute of Brasil. She is now studying Austrian Economics to use it in the legal field and academic researches. Mariana's non-academic interests include playing piano and collecting mugs.


Boris Kirov
Boris is a young and inquisitive individual, who comes from Bulgaria but currently resides and works in Switzerland. His academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and two master’s degrees. One is in the field of Accounting and the other is in the area of Pension Insurance. Boris was an exchange student three times throughout his whole academic experience – twice in Bratislava and once as Erasmus student in Ljubljana. He is an advocate for spreading the liberal values and thinking among the Bulgarian society. Boris’ dream is one day to see that his fellow countrymen are enjoying more personal freedoms and being more dependent on their own than from their government.

Matic Jelovcan
Matic is jack-of-all-trades from Kranj, Slovenia. He is a photographer, graphic designer, an artist, and an entrepreneur. He is an avid Libertarian and a Christian, striving to live in light of Christian and Libertarian values, which is becoming increasingly difficult in this day-and-age. He is also a blogger on his blog Jelovanov HYPERLINK "":Matic as well as for several other libertarian or liberty-minded online magazines and websites. Matic is constantly seeking lawful ways of evading taxes, regulations, and other labor- or pay-prohibiting laws that the State brings forth. After studying theology for some time, he is now studying Fine Art on a private college Arthouse in Ljubljana.

Marija Radunovic
Marija is a Montenegrin fighting for freedom ever since she was born. That is why she found her home university – University of Donja Gorica (UDG) a perfect place for pursuing her dreams of freedom. Today, she is a student at Faculty of Economics, Finance and Business, UDG. She holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration. As a student of UDG, the heart of liberal mind in Montenegro, Marija got to know about liberty and liberal economists from the very first day of her studies. Finding that liberty is not just the political and philosophical commitment, but the way of life of one individual, Marija strives to promote liberal through all spheres of her life.

Peter Bence Stumpf
Peter graduated from the University of Szeged, Hungary where he earned his bachelor's degree in political science and his master's degree in electoral processes and is currently studying Business Administration and Management there. He is constantly researching electoral systems and processes around the world and worked with the OSCE election observation mission in Hungary in 2014. His main areas of interest besides elections are political participation and voter turnout. 

Pushkar Dhungel
Pushkar has double Master in Economics and Political Science and has Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Tribhuvan University. For past 10 years he has been working as hydropower developer in Nepal and as an active member of Rastriya Prajatanta Party-Nepal which is the fourth largest political party in last 2013 Constitutional Ass

Participants 2013


Ahmed Hafez
Ahmed was born in Cairo, Egypt. He grew up in Egypt, France and Switzerland, and has lived and studied in Egypt and Poland. Ahmed is an Egyptian activist with nearly a decade of experience working on projects and programs with some of Egypt’s top NGOs. He is currently Executive Director at the Egyptian Anti-Corruption and Election Monitoring Organization “Shayfeencom”, after volunteering and re-establishing the NGO for over a year. Ahmed is also an Environment Protection activist. He has been volunteering with the Hemaya Project since 2007. Ahmed is also a founding member of the Shayfeencom Movement, which was re-created through concerned Egyptians during the 2011 uprising. The movement is active on various issues: human rights support, awareness raising, fighting corruption and election observation, as well as networking in the field with other active groups and movements in order to preserve the dignity of Egyptians. Following his arrest during the 2011 uprising, among many other activists calling for ousting the regime, he decided to switch his course from a politician to a human rights advocate.

Alen Alexander Klarić
Alen is a 3rd year student of international relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His interests are spread throughout the field of politics, but the focus of his research is political and economic philosophy. Lately he is investing himself in writing articles for Slovenian think tank Svetilnik and is very eager to promote liberty in any way possible. That is also why he has taken on a position of local coordinator for the European Students for Liberty.

Edgard Saleh
Edgard has been for Shell Marine Products for last 3 years, based in Dubai, he looks after international accounts based all over Asia. Before moving to Dubai in June 2010, Edgard has attended a one year International MBA program in Pisa, Italy. Earlier, he lived and worked in Qatar from 2008. Edgard's academic background is in chemical
engineering that he completed in his home country of Lebanon. Edgard is an active member of many social and political debate clubs, both in Lebanon and Dubai, mainly the Young Professional Network (YPN) and Cafe Scientifique Dubai.

Malyutina Alisa Kirillovna
Malyutina graduated Geochemistry of Landscapes and geography of Soils Department of Moscow State University where she studied geography and soil chemistry. Since 2010 she took part in the Project of Russian Foundation for Scientific research in Kursk region. The Project related to exploration of soil erosion rates using radioactive isotopes of Cs-137. Alisa currently works as a consultant on environmental and social issues at ENVIRON CIS. Her interests are lawn tennis, cyber sport and classic literature.

Mark Breznik
Mark was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He got introduced to free market economics in high school, after reading Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom. Among his hobbies are music, reading and swimming. Mark is interested in a broad spectrum of topics related to economic freedom and is determined to spread the ideas of liberty in Slovenia.

Rajya Laxmi Gurung
Rajya is a visiting fellow at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and PhD student at Kathmandu University, Nepal in association with NCCR North-South. Her research area is Business and Peace, under the title Role of private sector in peace building. She holds double Master degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. She worked in academia as faculty member and then as an administrator for 10 years. She is passionate about the politics and individual rights. After completing her PhD, she hopes to pursue public office with libertarian ideology.

Stepan Lesnyak
Stepan comes from Lviv, Ukraine. In 2013 he earned bachelor degree in international relations at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine. Stepan begins his master program in International economic relations at the same university in 2013. From February to June 2012 Stepan studied Scandinavian studies (Swedish, Scandinavian literature and history) at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. He is interested in behavioral economics, quantitative methods in economics, dispute between liberalists and conservatives and languages, enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

Zakhar Pikulytskyy
Zakhar is from Lviv, Ukraine. Last summer he graduated from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, major - finance. Besides economics, he likes to play and watch football. He also likes to take photos with his old Zenit camera, watch movies, listen to rock music, travelling, and read fiction and business books. Last books that he read was "Good to Great" by Jim Collins and "Foam of the Days" by Boris Vian. If he wouldn’t be so lazy Zakhar would be also interested in cooking. But what a shame he's not.

Žan Pajtler
Žan is an undergraduate student of sociology at Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has a special interest in studying economic and social movements that promote liberty through economic freedom. His belief is that he can contribute the most to the world with helping people find themselves through the right economic orientation.


Adela Dorina Mirza
Adela is from Romania. She lives in Cluj-Napoca, a beautiful city, considered to be "the heart of Transylvania". She graduated from Babes-Bolyai University and took her bachelor's degree in European Studies. She is interested in politics, (she is a founding member and also a member of The National Executive Committee of the New Republic Party), human rights and liberty, Christianity, literature, fine arts, history, music, sports.

Alena Sukhapara
Alena was born in 1990 in Minsk, Belarus. She has graduated from Belarusian State University in 2013, majoring in Economics (analytical economics, econometrics). Currently she is working in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Belarus as an assurance associate. Alena is interested in self-development in many areas of her life, and she has been trying to grab all the useful knowledge she comes through. Her interests are psychology, communication skills, economic theory and practical knowledge, entrepreneurship, business management, liberty, etc. Alena attended Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp which inspired her to attend similar events and take actions for future changes of her life.

Andreja Kokalj
Andreja studied law at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She began her career in the judiciary and continued in local self-government and research sectors. She is interested in theory of law and state, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and cosmopolitanism.

Dolat Khan
Dolat is currently working on his PhD thesis on early Twentieth century English literature at London Metropolitan University in United Kingdom. He is originally from Pakistan, where he has worked as a liaison officer for academic studies and administration at the university. He has also taught human rights and concept of human liberty to the graduate students of the same university. He is interested in the concepts of human liberty and in the future of the human freedom and freedom of choice in the Muslim countries on the face of a surging fundamentalism and politics of violence. He has written many articles in the local magazines in Pakistan and participated in many discussion groups in and outside Pakistan.

Filip Kondovski
Filip is a political science graduate from the Faculty of Law “Iustiniana Prima”, Skopje, Macedonia. Currently he is pursuing a Master degree in Political Management and is further Interested in theories of EU integration and political philosophy. His previous experience includes work in public relations, but currently he is focused on the EU perspectives of the Republic of Macedonia. Filip is fluent in English, French and basic Albanian.

Frank Kuipers
Frank just finished his bachelor in law at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is about to start a masters’ degree in governmental law at the same university. In addition, he is pursuing bachelor degree in history, for which he is currently working on his thesis. Seeing that Frank’s background is in law and history, he takes any opportunity to school himself in (Austrian) economics. In order to do so, he participated in programs like the Freedom week, Liberty camp & the Summer university of the Telderstichting (the academic institute of a center rightwing party in the Netherlands). In his spare time Frank enjoys to play field hockey and traveling.

Inna Krushchuk
Inna graduated from National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Ukraine last year. She obtained a Master degree in Law. Inna works at the Attorneys-at-Law Company as a lawyer. Inna is interested in corporate law, trade law and media law. In 2011 and 2012 she participated in ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law and in International Round of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (Oxford University). Inna is an alumna of the 2012 Liberty Seminars in Slovenia and has also attended other seminars on protection of human rights.

Jaka Šoba
Jaka was born in 1982 in Slovenia. He earned Bachelor's Degree in tourism in 2005. In 2012 Jaka left the family business that he ran for 7 years and devoted most of his time to his studies. Jaka is currently enrolled in the first year of the Master degree program at the Faculty of management, University of Primorska, Slovenia. His majors are economics and finance. He is planning to channel his future work and career into the research of economic policies, political philosophy and politics. He became involved in politics and policy during his studies, and has been active in politics at the regional and national level ever since. He is currently a member of the finance committee at the DL political. He is also a member of the Lions Club International Community service volunteer organization and a member of the International Red Cross - Head of the Piran (Slovenia) municipality Red Cross natural disaster relief team.

James Alexander Root
James is from the town of Burnley, Lancashire, in the North of England. He studies History at Queens' College, University of Cambridge and is currently the President of Cambridge Libertarians. His main interests are in economic history and moral philosophy, but
he is also keenly engaged with the politics of the UK, Europe and the USA.

Katarzyna Cyrbus
Katarzyna comes from Poland and studies economics on bachelor's degree at Warsaw School of Economics. Her specializations are macroeconomic analysis and management of economic activity between Poles and German. She has a command of English, German in speech and writing and Russian in speech. Katarzyna works at polish think-tank named Civil Development Forum as Project Manager and analyst. She likes to learn and gain new experiences. Her additional interests are horse riding, sightseeing and skiing. Katarzyna joined the Liberty Seminars in 2013.

Marek Tatala
Marek is an economist and projects coordinator at the Civil Development Forum (FOR Foundation) in Warsaw, Poland. He also serves as a research assistant of Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz, Founder and Council Chairman of the FOR Foundation. His work focuses on public finance, pension system, local governance, political economics, and the right to access public information. He received his BSc in economics and politics from the University of Bristol in England and MA in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, where he is now a PhD student. He is also graduate of the CPPR-ACE Winter School in Public Policy Research Methods in Kochi, India. During his studies he served as the Vice-President of the Law and Economics Students’ Association (Warsaw) and President of the Polish Society (Bristol).

Paweł Mazur
Paweł from Poland studies law at the University of Warsaw, but his main area of interest are history and political thought. He has been a volunteer in a few leading Polish think tanks, such as Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju and Casimir Pulaski Found. He is also an active member of numerous student organizations, such as European Law Students Association. Traveling and discovering foreign cultures and languages are his main hobbies.

Rok Novak
Rok is an undergraduate student of English at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition he is taking courses at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, where he plans to continue his graduate studies. This summer he became a local coordinator for European Students for Liberty and recently he has joined Slovenian libertarian think tank Svetilnik in hope to contribute to the fruitful collaboration of both organizations on numerous projects promoting liberty in the future.

Sebile Kutgün Kayaduman
Sebile was born in 1984, in Turkey. She lives in Istanbul with her mom and brother. She graduated in Business Administration in 2006 in Nevsehir Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the Erciyes University (Turkey). She completed a master degree in Operational Management in 2012 at the Beykent University (Istanbul-Turkey). Sebile is still student at the university. She studies Media and Communication at open university (in Turkish called AcikOgretim). She likes dancing, walking at seaside, meeting new people from different culture, reading books. She has been working in a bank for five years.

Thomas Helwig
Thomas found out about the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia through the European Students for Liberty Newsletter. Thomas is a Business Information Systems Student from Konstanz, Germany and he is going to earn his Bachelor of Science degree next year. Back in 2009 he found out about libertarianism and the Austrian School of Economics. Since then, he attended ESFL events in Germany and Belgium. As a member of the German Libertarian Party (Party of Reason) he also tries to use the political platform to bring the ideas of liberty to the people.

Valeriu Bacuta
Valeriu was born in Romania and studied Computer Science at the Polytechnical University of Bucharest. In 2008 he moved to Brussels, where he is working for a telecommunications company. His interests include history of ideas, prime numbers, political philosophy. As hobbies he enjoys rock climbing and playing music.

Participants 2008-2012


Andrej Stefanovic
Andrej was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently a fourth year student of Political Science at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He got interested in the ideas of libertarianism after attending a course in contemporary political philosophy and reading Hayek's Road to Serfdom. His key areas of interest, apart from political philosophy, are constitutional law, comparative politics and European integration.

Anna Czepiel
Anna, born in 1992 in Poland, studies International Relations at the University of Warsaw. Since 2007 she has been working for Civil Development Forum (FOR) which is a NGO established to promote liberty and reasonable public discourse in Poland. She is also a deputy chief of Icelandic Student Club of the University of Warsaw as she is interested in various aspects of this country. Anna also publishes articles in press and on the FOR blog. She is interested in discovering and comparing different views on economics and politics. European integration, ways of development for Poland and role of state in the economy are her main interests. She is the winner of a student competition "Euro - rescue or catastrophe?", co-organized in 2012 in Poland by the European Commission. She was a participant of the 2011 US Liberty Education Tour. Besides activities related to politics, economy and international relations, she sings and composes her own songs.

Barbara Maria Stempien
Barbara comes from Buczkowice, a small village in the Beskids mountains of Poland. After high school she moved to Katowice in Poland where she started studying Political Science and History at University of Silesia. In 2012 she defended her thesis titled "LGBT rights in the legal systems of Poland, European Union, Council of Europe and United Nations" and received a Master Degree. She was a participant of Polish-American Leadership Academy, a project intended to complete college students� education by teaching classical liberal ideas. Her interests include topics such as: rights of minorities, equality on the labor market, human resource management and Kaizen - Japanese philosophy of improvement in manufacturing, engineering, and business management.

Bogdan Roggenbuck
Bogdan is an activist for KoLiber Association from Poland. He lives in Szczecin, North-West Poland. He's studying economy in University of Szczecin. This year he organized many lectures on topics such as liberal thought and Austrian School of Economics, with experts from the Polish Mises Instytute and the Polish Adam Smith Instytute. He has a vast experience organizing events to promote low taxes, privatization and competition. His interests are free market theory of economics, politology and geopolitics.

Djordje Marovic
Djordje graduated from the Mathematics Department of the "Niko Rolovic" Gymnasium in Bar, Montenegro. In 2008 he enrolled to the Faculty of International Economics, Finances and Business at the University Donja Gorica, Montenegro and successfully graduated in 2012. During his undergraduate years at UDG he participated in internship programs at OTP Bank and EMS Montenegro. He attended the 2009 Milocer Economy Forum and tribunes at UDG of YES (Yen, Euro, Dollar), En, Free Market Road Show. Djordje also attended Jerry Weissman�s tribune in 2009 at UDG. He is native Montenegrian and is interested in international finances and economics.

Gvantsa Tsulukidze
Gvantsa is a Legal Advisor in the High Council of Justice of Georgia. Her main responsibility is working on EU and NATO integration projects within the field of Judiciary. She also finished her LLM in Public International Law at Caucasus School of Law. Gvantsa successfully obtained her Bachelor Degree of Law in 2007 at Tbilisi State University. She has passed prosecutors� and barristers� qualification exam and has the right to work as a prosecutor and barrister. She has participated in various international seminars and lectures organized by the government of Georgia or funded by international organizations.

Igor Ivaskovic
Igor is currently studying Economics at the Faculty of Economics, at Belgrade University, in Serbia. As he is about to begin the last year of his studies, he specializes in the field of International Economy and Foreign Trade. Besides that, he has also shown interest in working in the Tourism industry. Back in high school, he got interested in political philosophy after reading Plato, Hobbes and Karl Marx. He encountered liberal thought on his first year on his university in Adam Smith's The Wealth of the Nations and became interested in this subject. He supports the idea of limited government and free market economy because he finds that this leads to efficiency and productivity.

Inna Krushchuk
Inna is a recent graduate from National University of �Kyiv-Mohyla Academy�. She obtained a Master degree in Law. Inna is interested in Corporate law, Trade law and Media law. In 2011 and 2012 she took part in the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law and in International Round of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (Oxford University). Inna also attended seminars devoted to protection of Human Rights.

Jan Czada
Jan was born in Baden-W�rttemberg, Germany. He is a student at the Faculty of Cultural & Social Sciences at the Distance University of Hagen, while living in Cracow, Poland. He is an alumnus of Polish Language & Culture Studies at the Catholic University of Lublin and the 2012 Polish-American Leadership Academy. Jan is especially interested in European politics and the future of Europe. He runs his own blog promoting a free, democratic, decentralized Europe of Liberty.

Martin Belan
Martin is currently a grad student at the University of Essex in the UK, in the program MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He recently earned a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia, in the International Business program. His interest in Austrian School of Economics began during last year of his undergraduate studies at the University in Nitra, while working on his thesis about the Global economic crisis. He took part in a seminar on Austrian Economics organized by the Slovak think tank INESS which has influenced his decision to continue in developing further understanding of this approach in economics.

Nejc Rozman
Nejc is a PhD student of Chemistry in Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, working on titanium dioxide photo catalysis. He holds a B.A. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana. His interest include general science and technology, philosophy, evolution and evolutionary psychology, cognition, history, and, for the past year or so, economics, its philosophical background, moral standing and implications, history, crucial legal requirements, and empirical evidence of different policies. Although Nejc does not have any formal education in law or economics, he is eager to learn and read about it.

Oksana Myronko
Oksana is an Ukrainian student at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies, where she holds a Bachelor�s Degree in Social Work. She works as a journalist in the press-centre of "Slovianska molod'", also she is a dedicated participant of journalists� seminars and conferences. She has a lot of volunteer experience. Currently she is the main editor of the NGO's digest, JCI. Among her hobbies are political science and photography.

Ondrej Bartik
Ondrej was born in the small town of Rimavska Sobota in southern Slovakia. At 14 years old Ondrej was interested in modern glass making so he start attended Glass Industry School in neighboring town Poltar. After five years of studies in 2002 he began work for local company Slovglass. In 2003 he completed the compulsory military service. After that, due to bad economic situation of his former employer Ondrej went to work first in the Czech Republic and in 2005 in the United Kingdom. In 2008 he returned to Slovakia and started working for Edymax Consulting in Nitra. A year later Ondrej start studing International Economic Relations at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and now he decided continue his studies with an International Master Degree Program in Agrarian Trade and Marketing. His interests are broad and varied. During his study had the opportunity work for Europe Direct Information Centre, and participate in many programs across Europe regarding Economics, Social Policies and Business Studies. The trade, economic and political relations belongs to the area of his interests but in his free time he is also interested in renewable energy sources.

Ondrej Hajda
Ondrej is a student of International Relations at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and his main areas of interest are media and human rights, especially their combined role in the modern society. Originally from Ostrava, Czech Republic, he likes to spend his free-time thinking, travelling and learning new languages.

Ondrej Pajchl
Ondrej is student at Paneuropan University in Bratislava. He is doing SEO consulting and develops web sites. Ondrej likes Mongolian throat singing, sports and teaching animals various tricks.

Paolo Angelini
Paolo grew up in 2010's All American City, El Paso Texas, that is also a border town to one of the world�s most dangerous cities- Juarez Mexico. Paolo has always had an extreme passion for cars, after high school he decided to get into the business side of automobiles by partnering up with a friend in running a dealership that wholesales to other dealerships around the country at the same time he was helping his elderly father, until moving to Washington DC in August of 2011. After moving to Washington, Paolo decided to continue his education and started attending an area community college. Paolo joined the Atlas team as in intern in September 2011, and was later offered a job with them, again getting into the business side of things by becoming the assistant to the Director of Business Operations.

Pavel Protsenko
Pavel is a student at the Political Science Department in Yaroslavl, Russia. Pavel has a strong interest in politics, civil society and international relations. He would like to concentrate his further studies on libertarian thought and promote this field in his country.

Peter Gorse
Peter is a Canadian of Slovenien descent. He currently works in an operation centre for a major Canadian bank, and is pursuing professional designations in business and accounting in addition to holding a BA degree in English from York University, Toronto. Peter's curiosity about the causes of the 2008 financial crisis led to his introduction to the Austrian School of Economics and Libertarian Anarchy. Other interests include classic film, Russian literature, martial arts, and shooting.

Roland Fritz
Roland Fritz is currently studying sociology and political science at the KF - University Graz in Austria. He first got in touch with liberalism when reading F.A. Hayek for an Economic Sociology class. Having grown up with a typical social-democratic position, his life has changed much ever since. The writings of Hayek, Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat and especially Ludwig von Mises have constantly enriched his life in many ways. He is now trying to share his insights regarding societal and economic issues with anybody who is open to discussion.

Razvan Timofciuc
Razvan is a 23 year old Romanian student. He holds a Bachelor�s degree in History from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania. Currently he is in his second year of study for a Master degree in Political Communication at the Political Science and Philosophy Faculty, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Romania, Iasi. He has been working as a personal adviser of the President of the Iasi City Council since June 2011. He enjoys reading and is interested in learning more about topics like the free-market, economics, human rights, law. His main interests are politics, religion and history. Razvan has been involved in different kind of projects over the years, being president of The History Students Association and a member of various local clubs and institutes (e.g. The Liberal Students' Club or The Hayek Institute).

Salome Mukhuradze
Salome is an invited lecturer of Public International Law and the Law of International Organizations at Georgian Technical University. She also is a Member of the Project - Engagement through Dialogue at the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN), Georgia. Salome has successfully obtained her Bachelor Degree of Laws in 2007 and Master Degree of Public International Law in 2011 at Tbilisi State University. Moreover, her recent studies at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences of Berlin, (MA Degree in Intercultural Conflict Management) helped her to develop the skills of collaboration, negotiation and cooperative problem solving.

Salome Ugrekhelidze
As a lawyer, Salome works at the independent think tank organization Georgian Development Research Institute. At the same time, she is a volunteer mentor at the United Nations Association of Georgia. As an undergraduate, Salome studied Law at Tbilisi State University, Georgia. Later, she obtained her postgraduate degree in Public International Law at University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Salome is interested in International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Studies. Her hobbies are: skiing, hiking, swimming, music, cinematography and reading.

Svitlana Vashulenko
Svitlana is a student from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has been studying finance at National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". Svitlana is active in social and scientific life of the university. She was a member of economic youth NGO �East-West Business�, where she both undertook and took part in different projects. Her main scientific interests are monetary policy and social aspects of entrepreneurship.

Tomas Danko
Tomas is student of faculty of Economics and business at Paneuropean University in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has also studied for one year as Erasmus exchange student in Savonia Unversity of Applied Sciences in Finland. After graduation he would like to run his own business in tourism. He is interested in creative and financial economy, business management and international business. He likes traveling, reading books, sports and making new friends :-)


Agnieszka Posłuszna
Agnieszka Posłuszna is a student of Warsaw School of Economics in Poland (from 2011) and a member of Students� Scientific Club of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw School of Economics. She organized two meetings (about situation in Libya and India) and participated in Action Diplomacy organized by Students� Scientific Club of Foreign Affairs. Her main interests are the situation in Arabic countries, especially in Egypt and Libya, independence and freedom all over the world. She discovered liberalism in childhood when she came across Ryszard Kapuściński�s books e.g. "Another Day of Life", which changed her life.

Aliaksandr Papko
Aliaksandr Papko was born in Belarus in 1985. He holds a Master�s degree in Political Science from the university of Warsaw (Poland) and a Master's degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe (Poland-Belgium). In 2012 has been admitted to the PhD programme at the Polish Academy of Science. Since 2007 he has been working for the Polish Radio External Service, covering events in Belarus, Poland, Russia and other countries. Since 2010 he has been cooperating with the Centre for Social and Economic Research CASE Belarus. In 2011, Aliaksandr was a trainee at the European People's Party Group in the European Parliament. His fields of interest include: relations between the EU and its Eastern neighbours (European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership); political and economic systems of Eastern European countries; political and economic transition.

Alex Aleshka
Alex Aleshka is a PhD student at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He comes from the Republic of Belarus, where he graduated from the Department of International Relations of the Belarusian State University. He continued his education at the University of Warsaw, where he received MA degree in specialized East European Studies.

Andrii Dryga
Andrii Dryga has received the Master degree in Information Measuring Systems in the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (Kyiv, Ukraine). During last five years he works as an interior design engineer and builds offices of most of international companies in Ukraine. Andrii�s interests include travelling, sports and art.

C. Kyle Voo
C. Kyle Voo is a student of natural sciences at Uppsala University in Sweden. He is interested in different political and economic ideologies, as well as understanding problems with their implementation in different countries. As an outdoor person, he likes having an active social life and enjoys traveling around the world.

Denis Preshova
Denis Preshova is from Macedonia and works as teaching and research assistant in the department of constitutional law and political system at the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus" in Skopje. After successfully finishing his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus" in Skopje in 2006, he obtained his Master of European Studies (M.E.S.) degree in 2007 from the University of Bonn, Center for European Integration Studies, as Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarship holder. His dissertation on the topic of "The Constitutional Adaptations in Central and Eastern Europe in the Process of European Integration: The Case of Slovenia" was graded "with distinction". In 2010, Preshova received his LL.M. (magna cum laude) degree from University of Pittsburgh, Law School as Fulbright fellow. Currently he is a PhD student at University of Cologne, Germany. His areas of specialization and interest are: comparative constitutional law, judicial review and judicial politics, institutional design, human and minority rights.

Dominik Stroukal
Dominik Stroukal is a Ph.D. student of Economic Theories at the University of Economics and an M.A. student of Media Studies at the Charles University, both in Prague, Czech Republic. Dominik is a vice-president of Czech Ludwig von Mises Institute where he is in charge of translating and publishing pro-liberty literature. He is a FEE 2011 alumnus, a member of Mensa Czech Republic and is currently doing research on Media Economics.

Irina Smetanina
Irina Smetanina studied at the Institute in Cheboksary, Russia. She is currently a University lecturer and a journalist for the regional newspaper. Irina participates in international and regional conferences and seminars that support her continued professional development. She is the author of scientific articles and textbooks. Her interests are history, law and economics.

Iryna Tumanova
Iryna Tumanova currently studies International Finance and Economics in N�rnberg, Germany. Originally she is from Kyiv, Ukraine, where she has graduated from the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" with the Bachelor Degree in Economics. She also has work experience as an auditor in the international firm before she continued her studies in Germany on the Master level. Iryna attended the Liberty Seminars already in Slovenia in 2009.

Ivan Kholod
Ivan Kholod got his Bachelor in Philosophy [major: Philosophy, minor: Sociology] in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy [NaUKMA], Ukraine. During his student years main areas if his research were: German Classical Philosophy [G.Hegels' political thought], Russian Moral Philosophy [Leo Tolstoys' pacifism, nonviolence and nonresistance doctrine] and Sociology of Sexuality [sexual minorities in the post-Soviet countries, social preseption of sexuality]. After getting his BA Ivan entered a Master Program in Political Sciences [Asia Studies] in NaUKMA. During his two yers of MA instead of studying Japanese he made his main researches in deliberative theory of K.-O. Apel and U.Habermas, secularization and post-secularization processes in the modern European states and international relations [Master thesis theme was "North Korea in the Perception of the Main International Actors of the Asia-Pacific Region: Pro et Contra"]. In 2012 Ivan entered a post-graduate studies in the Institute of World Economy and International Relations [Asia and Africa Research Department], theme of research: "Evolution of the Integrational Processes in the Soust-East Asia: Comparative Analysis". His first "meeting" with libertarian thought started with Ayn Rands' "Atlas Shrugged" which influenced a lot on his personal self-perception. Therefore, in his current research Ivan uses liberal and libertarian ideas in theoretical approaches.

Jovana Drobnjak
Jovana Drobnjak is a student of first-generation of the University of Donja Gorica, UDG, Faculty for International Economics, Finance and Business. UDG is institution of higher education founded on the principles of liberalism, individualism, private property, free markets and is the only such institution of higher education not only in Montenegro, but in the region. Jovana is an editor of the magazine E-ssay, cofounder School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Young, founder of the Volunteer Club UDG. She worked as a researcher at Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses, intern in the office of UNDP in Montenegro in the cluster Economy and Environment. She is currently working her master's thesis in economics and nature conservation at Postgraduate studies Entrepreneurial Economy and she is coordinator at the Faculty of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, UDG.

Ken Silva
Ken Silva is a freelance reporter and an intern at the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna, Austria. His professional interests include economics, history, philosophy, and politics. He graduated from Kent State University (Kent, Ohio, U.S.) in 2011 with a BA in political science.

Kristina Margvelashvili
Kristina Margvelashvili is Master student at International Hellenic University located in Thessaloniki, Greece - on the program of Black Sea Cultural Studies (2011-2012 years). At the same time she is an Erasmus Mundus beneficiary for 20 month period in Greece starting from 16th of September 2011. She graduated from Tbilisi State University (Georgia) with the Bachelor degree in Social Sciences-International Relations (2007-2011) and has been active in various Georgian NGOs. Particularly at New Economic School of Georgia, European Youth Parliament Georgia and Woman's Political Resource Centre. During her Master studies she was an intern at Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (Thessaloniki, Greece) at the Communications office and currently is commencing the second internship at International Centre for Black Sea Studies in Athens, Greece. Her Master Thesis is about Russian Human Rights record-case of Chechnya.

Luka Miladinović
Luka Miladinović is twenty-one year old student from Serbia. He studies Economics on University of Belgrade with major in Economic analysis and Policy. Luka successfully finished program of American Institute on Political and Economic Systems in Prague. He wrote several research papers about economic and political subjects and two of them: "Freedom and redistribution of wealth in modern societies" and "European future and free market" were published by Politheor - Regional portal for exchange of ideas. Besides politics and economics, he is interested in philosophy, psychology, mathematics and sociology.

Łukasz Jakacki
Łukasz Jakacki comes from Poland, and is a member of the Polish conservative libertarian association called KoLiber, as well as a student at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin. He does volunteer work for Instytut Misesa (a Polish pro-market foundation focused on research and education) as a translator of videos (from English to Polish). His main interests are marketing the idea of economic freedom and finding ways of implementing reforms successfully. Łukasz holds an M.A. in English Philology from the University of Szczecin, Poland. He is also an alumnus of the Polish-American Leadership Academy, and took part in the Think Tank School for Central and Eastern Europe.

Lukasz Dąbroś
Lukasz Dąbroś is an undergraduate student of the Warsaw School of Economics where he studies Finance and Accounting and a student of Law at the University of Warsaw. Moreover, he holds the office of chairman of the Association of Foreign Affairs of the WSE - an society of students interested in international politics who organize conferences with experts and publish their own magazine. Lukasz is interested in global politics, history, economics, finances and IT. As he is a proponent of free market, he works for the Civil Development Forum - a Polish classical liberal think-tank founded by Leszek Balcerowicz. Sometimes he does some freelance jobs by creating websites.

Maria Ieshchenko
Maria Ieshchenko has graduated from the Political Science at Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine. She moved to France in 2010 in order to do her Master's Degree at Sciences Po de Paris. The program she chose was Communication studies, as it combines sociology and audio-visual arts. Along with the studies, Maria has started to work for Euronews TV-channel, where she currently occupies a position of journalist. Maria is interested in the controversies around the freedom of speech and currently studies the impact of cinema and television on the human civilisation. Favorite readings on the subject are those of Marshall McLuhan, e.g 'The Medium is The Massage'.

Mariia Valiavko
Mariia Valiavko is from Ukraine. She has received her Master degree in the International Social Policy Analysis in the University of Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), now she is a PhD student in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine. Maria is a Deputy Director of the Charity Foundation and her main interests are social projects, social policy analysis, and education of unprivileged groups of society.

Martin Panek
Martin Panek is a master student at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. His bachelor thesis has dealt with Fair Trade. He has spent one year of his studies in Germany and half a year in China. Together with other like-minded people, he founded a libertarian political party three years ago. Martin is a FEE 2011 alumnus and a regular collaborator with the Ludwig von Mises Institute Czech & Slovak Republic. He is a liberty, sports and language enthusiast.

Mentor Hamidi
Mentor Hamidi was born on 8th January 1991 in Skopje, Macedonia. He finished primary and secondary school in Skopje, than he continued his study in the South East European University in Tetovo, where he got his bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. He has been part of many profitable and non-profitable organizations. He has finished his internship in the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Agency of Macedonia. His main fields of interest are the History of Economic thought and Behavioral Economics.

Mohammed Nosseir
Mohammed Nosseir is member of the political bureau of the Free Egyptians Party that was established to promote liberal democracy in Egypt. Mohammed is active with the party in building political coalition among other parties that promote the concept of civil state. Mohammed often advocates for developing political party as a professional institution with the goal of advancing liberalism, political participation, and economic freedom in Egypt. Mohammed writes a monthly article that is published on his web site; and some of his articles are reissued in Liberal Matters magazine. Moreover, he participates and talks at several international liberal events that take places in Europe and the United States, as well as he represents his party at Liberal International and Alliance of Democrats. Mr. Nosseir also has extensive experience in the private sector, and is general manager of Global Marketing Consultancy, which he founded in 1997. Mohammed graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, Cairo (1986); he participated at Aspen Seminar on Leadership, Values and Good Society (2011), Eisenhower Fellow, Multi-National Program (2009) and Stanford Fellow for Democracy, Development & Rule of Law (2008). Mohammed interests are in reading, jogging, traveling and watching movies.

Natalia Szpurko
Natalia Szpurko is a sociologist, publicist and almoust graduated in applied social sciences at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Up to now editor-in-chief in the liberal-conservative monthly Goniec Wolno�ci (Courier of Liberty). Especially interested in history of ideas - in the master thesis she analyses construction of the national history in Poland and Lithuania based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. She is very into history and politics of Central-Eastern Europe. In free time she loves doing pilates and breeding canaries.

Olga Matiagina
Olga Matiagina is a bachelor of political studies graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla academy (Ukraine). At this moment she is a student of master program in political science at Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko. During two years Olga was a trainee at PR-Department at NaUKMA, Analytical center "Policy" and at the analytical department of the NGO "New Kyiv". Nowadays she works as a news feed editor at the site �Podrobnosti� (Details) at some of the national TV-chanel "Inter". Olga took part in a few international programs among which are Study tours to Poland (Warsaw, Poland), Winter School of Jewish Studies (Moscow, Russia) and Forum for Young Journalists' Media "Generation-2011" (Kyiv, Ukraine). This summer Olga was a volunteer of Euro-2012 and took part at its Closing ceremony in Kyiv.

Pavlo Marchuk
Pavlo Marchuk was born in beautiful town Vinnitsa, Ukraine on July 4, 1990. In 2007 he entered the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and obtained BA in Finance with honor in 2011. Currently he is a master student at abovementioned University. As a financier he is interested in financial risk management and behavioral finance. He always tries to be broad-minded and have systematical approach to solving problems. That is why he is interested not only in economics and finance, but also in related interdisciplinary areas, such as liberty, economic freedom, free market economy, economic sociology, international relations, etc. Thus he has read a lot and attended related courses and educational programs and events. Pavlo was participant at Liberty Camp 2010, which unfolded new understanding of modern liberty philosophy to him. Liberty Academy 2012 is a place where he wants to get in depth understanding how Ukraine and post-soviet societies can be more free and prosperous.

Pawel Bogacz
Pawel Bogacz has finished Computer Science at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland in 2011. Although studying at the engineering department, he was involved in many projects from various fields and took part in such events as The American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (TFAS), Bucharest Summer University with major topic on global safety or Central European Conference devoted to topics of freedom and democracy. His interest in human nature led to creating a page.

Plamen Shalafov
Plamen Shalafov is a recent graduate holding a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. After spending five months as an intern in the office of a Member of Parliament in Berlin in the first half of 2012, he continued his professional development as a junior economic analyst in his home city Sofia in one of the most influential and renowned local think tanks � Center for the Study of Democracy. As far as his little spare time is concerned, he pursues his new passions � rollerblading and squash. He embraced the ideas of liberty after he started reading Ayn Rand several years ago. Ever since he firmly believes that these concepts can be successfully applied in every single area of human life.

Relve Spread
Relve Spread is from London, UK. She specialises in education, and has most recently been a researcher at the Centre for Market Reform of Education (CMRE), based at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Her first degree is in politics but, after some deliberation, she decided to train as an English teacher at the Institute of Education (IoE), University of London in 2007. She went on to teach at a large comprehensive secondary (high) school, at the same time continuing her study at the IoE with an MA in Philosophy of Education. Motivated in part by her increasing frustration with the education system, she decided to pursue a career in education policy and research after completing her MA in 2010. Her main interests lie in school choice, the for-profit motive in education, and political philosophy. She is also currently Chair of a governing board for a primary school in central London.

Sanja Trajkovska
Sanja Trajkovska was born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia. She graduated from Webster University Vienna, Austria majoring both in International Relations and Management. Currently she is working towards her Masters Degree in Human Resource and MBA in Management, back in Macedonia. Sanja is a passionate traveler and explorer, genuinely interested into culture, religion, politics and the beauty of the world. She is a firm believer that freedom of movement is equally important as the freedom of existence, as one doesn`t go without the other.

Sasha Dragović
Sasha Dragović lived in Argentina for half year in 2004. He finished his high school in 2008 in Viburnum, Missouri, USA. In 2012 Sasha will graduate from Faculty for International Economics, Finances and Business at University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Montenegro. Sasha attended Liberty Camp 2011, which he found it extremely interesting. This year he wants to improve his knowledge in that area by attending the Liberty Academy. Sasha loves sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, water polo... He played basketball for 7 years and a member of the Young National Basketball Team of Montenegro.

Yannick �u�ter�ič
Yannick �u�ter�ič started working at the age of fifteen. His first real job was at 16 at McDonalds, where he worked for two years. During that time, he regularly attended panels and lectures, usually based on the polical science of political economy. After quitting his first job, he took on odd jobs, later finding his place at the Slovenian business daily Finance. He is one of the members of Mre�a Idej, a group dedicated to educate and confront the young Slovenians with the problems of society and economy. The formal education was an epic failure for him, because he rejected "thinking in the box" approach. But that didn't stop him from searching for knowledge and learning from the best.


Alexey Ilin (Ильин Алексей)
Alexey is a senior at Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia. His major is International Relations. During his first years at the university Alexey studied European politics of the 1930's, but now he is also interested in the present EU issues. He has been a member of the Youth Department of Russian Political Science Association since 2010. Although politics is the main field of Alexey's studies and activities, he is fond of debates, poetry and writing as well.

Alina Ledyukova (Алина Ледюкова)
Alina is an undergraduate student at State University of Management in Moscow, Russia. She attended the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems organized by The Fund for American Studies in July 2011. The program took place in Prague and was designed to explore the political, economic and cultural issues of the world as it grows under democratic principles. Alina is interested in unique educational environments where people communicating. Her hobbies include traveling, skiing and yoga.

Alina Vladyka
Alina was born in a small beautiful town Vinnitsa, Ukraine on March 25, 1991. In 2008 she entered the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Currently she is a fourth-year student and will receive a Bachelor degree in Social Work. She studies Spanish, because her dream is to visit Spain. Alina is deeply interested in the human rights, which is why she took the Certificate Program of International Rights. She also loves photography (nature, portrait) and has a Diploma from Photography School. She volunteers for a non-governmental organizations in both Vinnitsa and Kiev. Her hobbies are skiing, snowboarding and travelling.

Ejona Shundi
Ejona is a postgraduate in political science from University of International Studies Trento, Italy. She has a strong interest in the current challenges in the international security policy and also, in the SEE developments with special attention to its regional integration in the European Union.

George Zifkos (Ζίφκος Γεώργιος)
George was born in Volos, central Greece, in 1983. After studying a wide variety of musical subjects, he received degrees in Music Harmony, Piano, and Conducting from the Hellenic Conservatory. His career in the arts does not only include teaching and performing in concerts as a soloist and in collaboration with various orchestras, but also the coordination of numerous events in the artistic spectrum, on an international basis, as well as the submission of proposals to the EU Culture programs. He earned a BA in applied economics from the University of Thessaly, Greece and has participated in many seminars and conferences on cultural sponsorship, museum & arts management, and identity conflict management. He volunteered as a press office manager during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. He is now studying for his MA in Culture, Creativity & Entrepreneurship at the University of Leeds (UK), as an Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Scholar.

Iulia Teodora Davidoiu
Iulia is a 21 year old Romanian student at the faculty of Business Administration at the Economic Studies Academy of Bucharest, and works as a Junior Program Manager at a marketing company. She enjoys reading and writing, but she also likes to learn about economics, law, human rights, culture, marketing, etc. Iulia has taken part at different kind of projects over the years, mostly based on cultural exchange, the European Union and literature contests, but she considers herself to be at a mere beginner as she is constantly searching for new opportunities to gain more experience and knowledge.

Jetmira Kapllanaj
Jetmira holds a bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria. Upon graduation, she was a Financial Risk Analyst at the banking sector for two years. In 2010 she finished her master studies in International Law and Economics at the University of Bern, Switzeland. She is currently interning at the Financial Control Division in the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Karolina Jurak
Karolina is a 3rd year Ph.D. student of Philosophy. She is studying and working at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Department of Social and Political Ethics) in Poland. She is writing her doctoral dissertation about political and social matters, the subject is 'Power vs. Authority and Society in the thought of Lord Acton'. Her supervisor is the director of the Department, Professor Jan Klos. Except for MA studies in Philosophy she also graduated from post-graduate Course in Local Administration Studies at Law Faculty of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and Pedagogical course, which enables her to teach Philosophy and related issues in grammar schools. Now she conducts classes with MA and BA students at her university. She is interested in political philosophy, social ethics, and current political and social matters, international relations. She is fond of working with children and the youth. She is also keen on listening to a wide variety of music, reading widely, especially political and historical books, and enjoying an active social life. She likes traveling.

Liliia Motiiets
Liliia was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. In 2008 she entered the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and now she is a fourth-year student of Bachelor Program in Social Work. Since high school Liliia has been intrested in human rights. Among her hobbies, are also music, dancing, and the organization of young traffic inspectors. At the university, Liliia continued dancing, started studying Spanish and joined several NGOs as a volunteer.

Paraskevas (Paris) Aslanidis ( αραζκεσάς ΑζλανίδΕς)
Paris started off as an Electrical & Computer Engineer and did his first MA in the UK. Soon enough, he realized that his passion lied elsewhere. He decided to combine work at the private telecommunications sector with a second BA in History and Philosophy of Science and everything seemed to fall into place! He is now finishing an MA in Politics and Economics in Southeast Europe in Thessaloniki, Greece and thinking of concluding this career switch with a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Pija Kapitanovič
Pija is a student of Media Studies at the Faculty of Humanities Koper, Slovenia. She currently works as a web journalist at the Slovenian national newspaper Delo. Pija's main interests are media related - how media is constructing politics, media impact on different issues, how media improves or regresses freedom, economics of the media. She is familiar with some political theories, especially ones that deal with the concept of human rights. She comes from Kranj, Slovenia. Pija was born on 19.02.1990.

Svitlana Gavryshchuk
Svetlana was born in 1987 in Ukraine. She studied law in the National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute. After graduating in 2009, Svetlana began to work as a junior lawyer at a radiostation, which led her to get interested in the media. As such, in 2010 she attended 6 International media law summer schools, where among others such questions as freedom of expression were discussed. Currently she works in a production company as a lawyer. She enjoys reading, arthouse cinema, traveling, modern art.

Žiga Beton
Žiga is a student at Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport at University of Ljubljana, where he studies transport logistics and has 5 exams left before writing a diploma. Žiga got some additional knowledge and experiences from the Rotterdam University as an exchange student in the spring semester of 2011. Since he believes that freedom is one of the highest ideals, the Liberty Seminars in Slovenia are of great interest to him; especially because he thinks that the people are still not free but rather some kind of slaves in the modern sophisticated crony capitalism.

Yury Perfilyev (Юрий Перфильев)
Yury is a fourth-year student at Irkutsk State University. He is a historian and his field of researches is International Relations in the East Asia. Yury also researches the Korean history, especially problems concerning modern North Korea. Other fields of his interests are psychology of self-development, political philosophy, and demography. Yury is a member of the Oxford Russia fund and takes an active part in a social and scientific life of his region. He likes cinema, skiing, athletics, and reading.

Vanja Ratković
Vanja is a first year student at the Faculty for Culture and Media, Megatrend University, Belgrade. She comes from a small town in Vojvodina and has Croatian and Serbian origin, which she is very proud of. She considers herself to be an uncompromising individualist and a person who is ready to learn and adopt new knowledge. Art, history and the impact and role of media in development of culture of freedom are her favorite subjects.

Ivan Ratković
Ivan is a student at the Law Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia. He will graduate this fall and is considering to continue his studies with a master degree in philosophy of law and international relations, hoping one day he could work in civilian missions in Afghanistan or Iraq on assistance, implementation and development of democracy, rule of law and liberty. Ivan worked as a summer law clerk at Law office Aleksic, Musicki and Associates, Novi Sad, Serbia in 2009 and 2010. He also was active in various NGOs- Center for democracy foundation, Organisation for development of democracy in promoting and advocating human rights, rule of law, freedom of speech. Ivan is a member of astronomical society ''Rudjer Boskovic'', Belgrade, plays a guitar and holds freedom as an ultimate value.

Katerina Shapkova (Катерина Шапкова)
Katerina (born 1985) is a junior teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law Iustiniuanus Primus in Skopje, Macedonia. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently she is finishing her M.Sc. studies in Management of the Public Sector and working on her M.Sc. studies on Statistical Methods for Business Economy. She teaches Principles of Economy and Contemporary Economic Theories at the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje, Macedonia.

Saša Dragović
Saša is a 3rd year student at UDG's Faculty for International Economics, Finances and Business, Montenegro. Saša is a former basketball player. Including local grammar school, Saša also went to several schools around the globe: Escuela Argentina Modelo, Buenos Ayres, Argentina, and Viburnum High School, Viburnum, Missouri, USA. Sasha speaks English, Spanish, a little bit of Italian and Russian. Saša was the recipient of the Steve Pejovich sholarship at the Liberty Seminars 2011.

Thaïs Verhoeven
Thaïs was born on 14 March 1988. She is studying Law at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. In her spare time Thaïs is active in the Liberal Flemish Students Organization (LVSV), where she is a proud member of. By participating at this seminar she hopes to become even more inspired by the ideas of liberty and take her participation in LVSV to a higher level.

Kaja Tretjak
Kaja Tretjak is an attorney based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia, she holds a degree in law from the University of California, Berkeley, a B.A. from Columbia University, and is currently a doctoral candidate in anthropology at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. Her academic interests include social movements, institutions and think tanks, legal and economic anthropology, constitutional law, and civil rights and liberties. Her Ph.D. thesis is focused on the resurgence of libertarianism in the United States.


Adina Iuliana Deacu
Adina was born in Romania. She has graduated from the Faculty of City Planning and has a Master degree in the same field from the University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu", Bucharest, Romania. She is not working in the field at the moment, as she has become interested in this field from a social perspective. As such, she intends to apply for a Masters program in Anthropology and Regional and Local Development, as well as participate in as many seminars, workshops, conferences that focus on rights and behaviors. Adina is pursuing to learn as much as possible about factors that determine life in urban areas.

Bogdan Sajovic
Bogdan grew up in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied law and history at the University of Ljubljana. He has been working as a freelance journalist and publicist in newspapers, magazines and both private and state owned TV networks since the late 1980s. He currently works for Demokracija, one of two right leaning weekly magazines in Slovenia. He also wrote ten short books on various historical themes and was a columnist for several years for Radar, monthly magazine focusing on history topics. Last year Bogdan began cooperating with The Carantania Institute, a free market organization in Slovenia.

Dana Kushpler
Dana has graduated in Economics from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine in 2009, before continuing her studies at the ISM University of Economics and Management in Lithuania. Currently she works as a financial manager at School of Foreign Languages in Lviv, Ukraine. Together with her colleagues, she tries to activate civil society engagement among youth through life-long learning approaches. Dana sings in a choir, likes to compose music and is eager to meet participants of the 2011 Freedom and Transition Seminar.

Silviya Milanova Dineva
Silviya is a senior of Political Science at the Faculty of Philosophy, at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria. Her courses are Theory, History and the Techniques of Political Science, Political Economy, Political parties, Social Sciences, Comparative Research, and International Relations. She is a Chairman of the Political Science Students’ Club, a voluntary organization of Political Science students. She also works as a Marketing and Advertising expert for The Youth Association for Private Economic Enterprise (YAPEE) and as a Business Coordinator at Fashion Days Shopping. Silviya’s hobbies are Spanish and Bulgarian folk dancing.

Dominik Weber
Dominik comes from a small village near Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is a senior in Money and Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Beside his interest in Business and Economics, he is also interested in the individual liberties, as well as the flow of information in today’s fast changing world. He is an advocate of free choice and responsability. His hobbies are playing piano, tennis, golf, skiing, travelling and thinking critically about today’s society. Dominik is an active member of TopEF group.

Jakub Pivoluska
Jakub is a graduate student of Finance at University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic. He was born in Czechoslovakia, raised in Slovakia and spent the last couple of years living in the city of hundred spires. Jakub enjoys long discussions on financial markets, government regulations, derivatives and other interesting stuff – hopefully over a glass of beer or two. Jakub is very curious about Asia, after spending a semester in Seoul, Korea.

Katarína Korbelová
Katarina was born in Slovakia in 1987. She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava with a Bachelor degree in National Economics and she is continuing her studies in this field. She works for the independent libertarian think tank INESS - Institute of Economic and Social Studies. Katarina is interested in her job, Austrian Economics and traveling. She is a liberty lover and enemy of the state.

Katarina Obicka
Katarina is a student of a second year of Public Economy at University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. She is expecting to obtain a master degree next year. She studied one semester in Spain as an exchange student through the Erasmus exchange program. She wants to continue study abroad and therefore will take the IELTS examination soon. She has alapplied for an internship in Bruxelles. Katarina is 22 years old and loves challenges.

Martin Minkov Taslakov
Martin has a Bachelor degree in Public Administration. In 2012 he will finish his Master degree in Public Administration as well as his second Bachelor degree in Finance at UNWE Sofia, Bulgaria. He is very satisfied with his exchange-program at K-Nord in Copenhagen, Denmark where he has studied Marketing Management. He likes meeting new people from different cultures like he did when he was at the Fulbright Summer Institute 2010 and at the Summer School of WU Wien, Austria in 2009. Currently, he has a part-time job at Addeco Bulgaria. Martin is interested in foreign languages, international policies and cultures.

Matúš Strážnický
Matúš is a graduate student at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, with his studies focused on International Management and Diplomacy. Born in Southern Slovakia on the Hungarian border, and studying in Czech Republic, telling where he is from is sometimes difficult. After various work experiences, the field of academia and scholars seems very attractive to him. That's why among hobbies like contemporary Asian studies and learning languages, Matúš enjoys leading debates and dialogues over a drink.

Oana Carvatchi
Oana is currently studying Business Administration at the University of Bucharest, Romania. She is interested in literature, philosophy, economy and sometimes human nature. She believes people’s irrational tendencies have increased in the past few years but is yet unsure of the outcome of this change. In her opinion, irrational acts can help understand and predict the course of humanity. That is why Oana has chosen to observe and quantify the effects that liberty and transition have on people.

Ožbej Peterle
Ožbej really doesn't like to talk about himself, so he asked his alter ego - Oswaldo, to help him out. Ožbej, 26, is from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied Economics – International Trade at University of Ljubljana and spent one semester in Berlin, Germany. Ožbej loves wine, traveling and he would definitely invite you for a drink to discuss the latest Terrence Malick movie.

Philipp Mohelsky
Philipp was born on 27 October 1986. He studied history and philosophy at the University of Konstanz, Germany, with a focus on
history of economics and history of ideas. He interned at the Institute of Austian Asset Management and is interested in asset management and financial markets, combining Austrian Economics and NIE with value investment approaches. He finished his Bachelor this summer and will continue to study Economic History at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Philipp likes travelling, debating, ballroom dancing and snowboarding.

Delia Raluca Șancariuc
Raluca was born in 1991 in Suceava, a city situated in the northern part of Romania. She is currently an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Marketing within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania. After graduation she plans on continuing her studies in the field of economics and political science, preferably at one of the top universities in the United Kingdom. Raluca is a member of several non-governmental organizations and a collaborator of a Romanian economics institute. As a hobby, Raluca is interested in arts, travelling, reading and psychology.

Vid Greganovič
Vid was born in Maribor, Slovenia in 1990. He grew up in Ljubljana, where he completed his elementary and high-school education. After high school he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he currently lives and studies Political Science. His main interests are international politics, political philosophy and politics of South-Eastern Europe, with a focus on the republics of ex-Yugoslavia. Vid is fluent in Slovenian, Serbian, English and German, and enjoys traveling, movies, football and music.


Ioana Acsinia
Ioana finished the European Administration faculty in 2009 in Bucharest and she is continuing her studies in this field. Since then she also works as project manager in a Romanian based NGO - The European Institute for participatory Democracy - Qvorum - that developes projects aiming at involving citizens in the decision-making process from national to European level. Ioana is also very attached to nature and spends most of her free time traveling with her friends, especially in the mountains. That's because she considers that some degree of freedom is necessary in all the aspects of our existence.

Maksym Antonov
Maksym is a junior student of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, one of the leading Ukrainian universities. He studies Finance and Economics. Since 2008 he has been a member of East West Business, one of NaUKMA student organisations, and in 2009 he joined AIESEC. Born in Russia, Maksym now lives in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, with his family.

Alex Bartis
Alex was born in a small mountain town, in the Bucovina area of Romania. He is of Hungarian, Ukrainian and Romanian heritage, of which he is very proud. From a young age he has been interested in computers and technology, but also arts, like photography, or music. He is now attending the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, at the School of Computer Science, which he will be graduating next summer. After that he hopes he can continue his studies in the field of Computer Networks. Other hobbies include trekking, traveling and a passion for motorised vehicles. He does volunteer work for a non-governmental organisation in Cluj, and he is always interested in new projects which can benefit from his help.

Marija Bulatovic
Marija is a student of 3rd year of International Economics, Finance and Business, University of Donja Gorica (UDG) in Podgorica. At the age of 16 she started her first part-time job as a promoter in a supermarket and until now she has held many part-time jobs provided by Student Business club at UDG. She has attended Training in Business Skills – Sales and Sales Management and How to register a company and also all Entrepreneurial Tribunes at the University. Recently, she has attended John Griswold’s one day Seminar on the coast of Montenegro. She is a member of the Reader’s Club and also a member of American Corner in Podgorica.

Inna Chilik
Inna was born on 21 May 1985. She studied Finance in University of World and National Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria. She worked as a Corporate Analyst in AII Data Processing Ltd, a company providing information, data processing and business services. She started working for an Asset Management company Overon Finance Ltd as a Financial Analyst in February 2007. At the present moment she works as an Investment Consultant in the same company.

Gabriel Cozmin
Gabriel is studying International Relations with Politics at the University of Essex in England. He is interested in literature, social sciences and art, and aims for a career in Diplomacy and further studies of International Relations and International Development. Having both Romanian and Russian heritage, he is an European believing in the goal of a united Europe.

Nihad Dostovic
Nihad was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1985. He is spontaneous guy in love with history. He is disappointed with the fact that people look to the past from the context of the present facts and time. After studying International Relations and Political Science, Nihad is going to study Ottoman history at Istanbul University. The events with consequences from the past made him to love Bosnia and its people unconditionally. He considers himself patriotic but not nationalist. He is looking forward for new contacts and networks at the Liberty camp.

Anastassia Doubovskaya
Originally from Belarus, Anastassia studied Political Science and European Studies at the European Humanities University in Minsk, Belarus for three years. In 2004 she moved to London, where she worked for a couple of years. She graduated from the University of Hul, UK in July 2010 with a BA degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. During her studies she spent a semester at Washington College, US, after which she obtained a scholarship for a summer internship at a non-profit organization. She speaks five languages--mother tongues Russian and Belarusian, English, French and some German. Her main interests are International Politics, International Political Economy and Finance.

Ana Dragutinovic
Ana is a student of 4th year at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. In the past couple of years she attended different conferences concerning diplomatic approach towards solving economic issues and intercultural problems in society. She is a holder of Coca-Cola talents 2010 scholarship and currently participates in internship program at the same. In addition to regular education she paid a lot of attention on learning foreign languages and participating in various educational seminars. She considers this as a very important contribution to her continuing professional advancement. In her free time she is engaged in different sport activities.

Oxana Goroshchuk
Oxana is studying at the National O.O. Bogomolets Medical University. She is active, easy-going, amusing and creative person. She considers her favorite past times reading, playing sports, listening to music, driving and walking. In the future she hopes to be a gynecologist. Also she is interested in problems of euthanasia in context of freedom of human rights and in development of modern political tendencies.

Shagane Hakobyan
Shagane is from Armenia. She is in her 4th year at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, department of Political sciences and Foreign Affairs. She has studied Japanese for about 2 years and is now learning Arabic. She is a member of Special Guard youth movement, an Armenian National Congress (ANC), and ANC foreign affairs committee. She is also a head of youth ram of party Liberty in Armenia. She has taken part at the congress of Armenian National Congress Youth in December 2008, the Rework The World study program October 2009 (Sweden), participating as a representative from The Caucasus, and “Strengthening Liberal Organizations In The South Caucasus” International Seminar June 2010 (Georgia).

Latchezar Karagyaurov
Latchezar was raised in Frankfurt, Germany, but came back to his home country Bulgaria at the age of 13. Having spent considerable time in both the West and East European Cultures, he believes that he has seen both sides of the coin. Now, just having finished his bachelor in Business Administration at Sofia University, he is looking forward to a Masters in Finance, while simultaneously trading the financial markets full time for his own account. Disturbed by the recent turn to more 'socialistic' and government-ruled policies, triggered by the financial and political crisis in recent years, he is a firm believer that a return to personal freedom of choice and free markets is not only a possibility, but a necessity.

Oksana Krykun
Oksana was born in Kyiv, Ukraine on June 11, 1989. In 2007 she entered the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla academy. Now she is a fourth-year student and will receive a Bachelor degree in Finance. She studied French and speaks a little bit of Polish. She is deeply interested not only in economics but also in photography (nature, portrait). Her hobbies are – rolls, snowboarding, tennis, ping-pong, traveling. She likes music, as she plays piano, bandura (national Ukrainian instrument – very heavy) and a little balalaika (one more Ukrainian university).

Pavlo Marchuk
Pavlo was born in 1990 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. He is attending the National University of Kiev-Mohyla academy in Kiev, Ukraine. He is interested in modern financial theories and financial risk-management.

Ecaterina Morariu
Ecaterina comes from Iasi, Romania. Currently she is attending Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. As a second-year Law student, she is interested in legal-related fields, as politics, economy and history. She volunteers for ELSA, European Law Students Association and is a scholar at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Tsoghik Muradyan
Tsoghik is from Yerevan, Armenia. She is earning a Ph.D. degree at Russian-Armenian /Slavonic/ state University. She is a lawyer and works at Court of Appeal of Republic of Armenia.

Corina Neagu
Corina was born in Tulcea, the city where the Danube Delta begins. Even so, she grew up in Braila and moved to Bucharest to attend the courses of the International Relations University. She got her Bachelor diploma in 2009 and enrolled in a Masters program (at the same Uni) named Geopolitics and International Relations. She am very passionate about her area of study and I was lucky enough to have some remarkable teachers. Excepting my studies She’s been involved in a lot of volunteering projects (some started by her, some in collaboration with European Institutions) mostly based on Human Rights. She really likes working with people and for the people and she wishes to have a career in the NGO sector.

Lorena Oaie
Lorena Maria Oaie gained a bachelor’s degree at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Faculty of Business Administration, and a Masters degree at the University van Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics. She has participated in the last 6 months in an internship position at EU Regulatory Consultant at Obelis S.A., Brussels, Belgium.

Elma Orucevic
Elma was born and raised in Mostar, except for a stint in Germany during the war. She attended the Language high school in Mostar and played at the music school the piano and the flute. After 2 years she went to United World College in Mostar. There she did volunteer work along with study many different subjects. Now she is at the University Dzemal Bijedic in Mostar doing Communications and PR management. She enjoys traveling, debating, music, books and voluntary work.

Maryna Perevarukha
Maryna was born on the 14th of November, 1988. She grew up in a small town of Romny, Ukraine. Maryna attended Romny secondary school #1 from 1996 till 2006. In 2006 Maryna received a scholarship and entered National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 2010 she received BA degree in Finance. During her studies she worked as an administrative assistant at Admissions Department of the University. She was also a member of the student organisation “East-West Business”. In August 2010 Maryna started her MA in Finance at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Bogdan Sajovic
Bogdan grew up in Ljubljana. He studied law and history at Ljubljana University. He worked as a freelance journalist and publicist from the late eighties. He worked for newspapers, magazines and both private owned and state owned TV networks. He currently works for Demokracija, one of two right leaned weekly magazines in Slovenia. He also wrote ten short books on various historical themes and wrote for several years for Radar, monthly magazine oriented on history topics. A few months ago he began cooperating with Carantania Institute, a libertarian organisation in Slovenia.

Sven Sambunjak
Sven is currently working as an independent internet & mobile technology consultant at the largest Croatian telecom company and is just a few exams away from obtaining bachelor's degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. He has been a filmmaker, actor, radio and newspaper journalist, webmaster, marketing & sales manager, customer support specialist, technical director, humanitarian, religious leader. He is also a husband and a father of two daughters aged five & seven. When he does not work as a consultant, he is an editor-in-chief of the website He is also a webmaster of his wife's business' web site

Nataliia Saviak
Nataliia was born in Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine on Sept. 23, 1989. From the first day of her life she was quite active, that’s why she attended every preschool activity, such as musical school, dancing classes, singing classes. When she was ten, she entered Ukrainian Grammar School #1 in Ivano-Frankivs’k. There Nataliia was quite active participant of every event - social, scientific, political. As the member of The Student Council, she has organized many activities for students that protected their rights in difficult situations. In 2006 Nataliia entered the National University of Kiev-Mogula Academy, faculty of Economics. Now she is a student of Master Program in Business and Finance. Also she is a participant of scientific conferences.

Tetiana Shevchuck
Tetiana studies law at the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". Her main scientific interest lies in field of commercial law. Also Tetiana has minor in psychology. She is interested in traveling, photography, music and contemporary arts.

Casian Simon
Casian studied International Relations at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and in june 2010 got a bachelor's degree. He was accepted for the "Performant Management" MA and Law Faculty courses, both at the same university. He is a member of National Liberal Party (PNL).

Hanna Stretovych
Hanna was born on 12 September 1988. In 1995 Hanna went to school, Klovskiy lyceum of foreign languages. In 2006 Hanna finished school and entered National Univerdity of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, faculty of law. In 2010 Hanna took part in Willem C Vis International Arbitration Moot Court in Vienna. The same year Hanna got bachelor degree and entered master program.

Katerina Todorovska
Katerina is a recent graduate of law from the Saint Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently she is working as coordinator of Street Law program in Youth Educational Forum, an NGO working on youth rights, educational policies and civil initiatives. In 2006-07 she was a fellow of the Undergraduate Exchange Program at the Open Society Institute, during which she spend one year studying political science at the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. After coming back she has been actively involved in civil society organizations in Macedonia. She is interested in individual liberties and the challenges that technology and innovation bring to law and society. She doesn’t enjoy playing sports, except watching the World Cup in football on every four years. She loves traveling, German cinema and music.

Dijana Tuci
Dijana is a third-year student at the University of Donja Gorica (UDG), at Humanistic studies, in the department for Diplomacy and International relations. She attended several seminars, such as School of Euroatlantism, School of EU law, both organized in Montenegro, and Euroatlantic integrations, held in Croatia. Last year she received award from her Faculty as a student with GPA over 9.00. Dijana fluently speaks English and has CAE and other diplomas to prove it. She also understands a lot of Spanish and Russian, and knows basics of Latin. The next one for her is German. Dijana shows great interest in political science, history, movies, traveling and languages.

Andreea Voicu
Andreea is a Romanian Economics graduate with a European mindset and a multidisciplinary education. She is a meticulous analyst focused on Globalization studies and NGO management. Andreea enjoys multicultural environments and teamwork. Regarding her language skills, one could undoubtedly say that she is near native in English and Spanish and medium in French and Portuguese. On her third and last year of studies she was granted an Erasmus scholarship at Cantabria University, in Santander, Spain. In 2009, she graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Faculty of International Affairs, receiving her Bachelor Diploma in Economics with a thesis on European Immigration. In 2010 she worked as an English Teacher in a kindergarten and currently she is a second year master student.

Tatiana Vlokh
Tatiana was born in Astrakhan, Russia. She graduated from Astrakhan State University. In summer 2009 Tatiana had an internship in Astrakhan region administration and this internship helped her to decide in what sphere she would like to work in the future. Now she studies in Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow, the capital of Russia. And after some years she will get a Master Degree in International Finance.


Muhammet Taha Akbulut
Taha was born in 1981 in Ankara Turkey. He graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration. After that he completed graduate education in United States. His major was International Business. Nowadays he is working as a lecturer in Adnan Menderes University in Aydin, Turkey.

Cristina Busila
Cristina is a student at the European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin where she is currently pursuing a year-long research program on food, agriculture, eating, taste and other branches of the foodworld. Throughout her research, she will attempt to find answers to questions such as: How do we understand what food is (scientifically, culturally, personally)? What is eating and how does it affect human experience (as nourishment, pleasure, ritual)? What are some of the ethical issues which food and eating involve (hospitality, genetically-modified food, vegetarianism, animal welfare)? What are some political issues (corporate responsibility and political governance, social inequality and consumption, hunger and obligations to feed the poor)? Cristina also holds a B.A. in International Business from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania

Valentina Dimulescu
Valentina is, at present, a Masters student in European Integration Studies at ZEI, Bonn University, Germany. In 2008, she obtained a BA in Political Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania. In 2009, she graduated from the Central European University in Hungary and obtained an MA in Political Science.

Sergiu Fintineru
Sergiu Fintineru is in his third year at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Among the various things he is studying you can find economics, accounting and finance. He was also enrolled in a one year program at the European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin where he had the chance to learn about subjects different from his normal field of study such as philosophy, literature, political science, art theory etc.

Jan Geder
Jan comes from a small town in northeast Slovenia. He studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana and is about to graduate in September. During his studies, he lived two years in Germany as an exchange student and intern. Besides his interest in science and technology, he is also concerned about liberty and prosperity in Europe, particularly in his native Slovenia, and a convinced advocate of classical liberalism. He already participated at Liberty Seminars two years ago and looks forward to doing it again.

Ilija Pantovic
Ilija is a Grammar School student (senior). He attended FEE seminars in Atlanta this summer. He won several competitions in Mathematics, Chemistry and debating. He plans to study Economics after he finishes High School. He wants to improve liberty in his country.

Mira Pejovich
Mira was born in Montenegro and raised in Dallas, Texas. She currently attends the University of Dallas where she will be receiving her B.A in Business in May of 2011. She recently spent a semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy and spent the last summer working at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. She enjoys political discussion, travel, tennis, and cooking.

Andrea-Mihaela Prundeanu
Andreea-Mihaela Prundeanu is student at the Faculty of International Relations and Economics (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest). She also studies Political Studies at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. Since October 2009 she has been a scholar of the Sur Place Programme, Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Bojana Radovanovic
Bojana Radovanovic, Mphil is a junior researcher at the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, where she also is a local coordinator of The Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans. She graduated in Economics and did a master course in Ethics at the University of Belgrade. Furthermore, she got an Mphil degree in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, she participated in numerous programs such as: volunteering at the United Nation's Organization for Food and Agriculture, Rome; studying at the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems, Prague; World Bank Institute's course in Corporate Social Responsibility in Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade, etc.

Delia Radu
Delia is currently an undergraduate student at the Faculty of History, major International Relations and the Faculty of Foreign Languages, major English - minor French, both at the University of Bucharest. She is a member of several non-governmental organizations whose aims are promoting global understanding through English or putting forth the opinions and visions of the youth in the Balkans, concerning foreign affairs today. Delia plans on pursuing an MA degree either in international relations with a focus on the Middle East and the Arab world, or literary criticism theories, somewhere abroad. The main drive behind her interest in classical liberalism has been the knowledge problem: the fact that no one can truly know what each of us wants or needs in each precise moment. Delia's hobbies are public speaking, singing, skiing and, hopefully, after this week at Lake Bohinj, canoeing.

Bogdan Sajovic
Bogdan grew up in Ljubljana and studied law and history on Ljubljana University, but never got a degree. Work as freelance journalist and publicist from late eighties. Bogdan has worked for various newspapers and magazines and both private owned and state owned TV networks. He currently works for Demokracija, one of two right leaned weekly magazines in Slovenia. He also wrote ten short books on various historical themes and wrote for several years for Radar, monthly magazine oriented on history topics. A few months ago he started to cooperate with Carantania Institute, a libertarian organisation.

Sven Sambunjak
Sven is currently working as an independent internet & mobile technology consultant at the largest Croatian telecom company and is just a few exams away from obtaining bachelor's degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. In his life he was a film maker, actor, radio and newspaper journalist, webmaster, marketing & sales manager, customer support specialist, technical director, humanitarian and religious leader. He is also a husband and a father of two daughters age five & seven. When he does not work as a consultant, he is editor-in-chief of the website, a little news and educational site about precious metals. He is also a webmaster of his wife's business web site "Croatian Genealogy."

Dominik Saran
Dominik is an International Relations major having graduated from Warsaw School of Economics in 2008. He also studied Political Economy at Georgetown University in Washington DC, as a part of the TFAS Capital Semester program. While studying in the U.S., Dominik interned at Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think-tank. He currently works in technology consulting. A Poland native, Dominik has lived in several different countries and continues to travel extensively.

Radu Stanescu
Radu Stanescu is an undergraduate at the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest pursuing a degree in International Business. Here he studies, among other subjects, Micro and Macroeconomics, Finance, Management, International Law and two foreign languages: English and French. Since he has a well-developed passion for business, this year he attended some seminars in Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Freedom, held by the Academy in association with other non-profit organizations, such as Business Club. Radu plans on pursuing an MA degree either in international affairs or corporate finance, preferably at a top university in United Kingdom. Radu's hobbies are: team sports, chess, traveling and movies (especially old ones).

Rabih El Tair
Rabih El Tair graduated with a BA in Marketing & Management from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 2006. After 2 years of working in the field of Marketing in Lebanon, he relocated to Qatar where is currently working in Media. He is passionate about international politics, specifically human rights advocacy and he plans to pursue his graduate studies in that field in the near future. Some of Rabih's hobbies include jogging, playing tennis and anything related to the beach and outdoors, he enjoys traveling a lot and actually has a list of places to visit before he turns 45!


Miss. Andjelija Babić, Montenegro
Mr. Boris Meglič, Slovenia
Mr. Božidar Dračun, Montenegro
Miss. Diana Ecaterina Oprinescu, Romania
Mr. Dmytro Galagan, Ukraine
Mr. Enes Banda, Montenegro
Miss. Ikonija Djukanović, Montenegro
Miss. Iryna Tumanova, Ukraine
Miss. Iuliia Obikhod, Ukraine
Miss. Kateryna Rymarenko, Ukraine
Miss. Lea tumberger, Slovenia
Miss. Liudmyla Lompas, Ukraine
Mr. Lovro Jurgec, Slovenia
Mr. Luka Gubo, Slovenia
Miss. Monica Elena Vlaicu, Romania
Miss. Nadiia Stechyshyns, Ukraine
Miss. Nadiia Goroshchuk, Ukraine
Mr. Necip Sinan Sevilir, Turkey
Miss. Oana-Luminita Flintasu, Romania
Mr. Oleksandr Iaroshenko, Ukraine
Mr. Petar Radović, Montenegro
Miss. Raluca Ceaunica, Romania
Mr. imun Selak, Croatia
Dr. Tom Dyble, United States
Mr. Vadim Panashcha, Estonia
Miss. Veronika Korčekova, Slovakia


Miss. Adriana Stefanova, Bulgaria
Miss. Alina Sviderska, Ukraine
Miss. Anca Dinita, Romania
Miss. Anna Parfjonova, Latvia
Mr. Borislav Ristić, Serbia
Mr. Domen Zafred, Slovenia
Mr. Dominik Saran, Poland
Mr. Duško Martić, Serbia
Mr. Frederik Cyrus Roeder, Germany
Mr. Ivan Lovrić, Serbia
Mr. Jure Baloh, Slovenia
Miss. Justina Seikyte, Lithuania
Miss. Karina Horvathova, Slovakia
Miss. Milica Predić Arsenijević, Serbia
Mr. Milutin Pavicević, Montenegro
Miss. Monica Elena Vlaicu, Romania
Mr. Nemanja Kovačević, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Miss. Oksana Nagnichuk, Ukraine
Miss. Oleksandra Matushenko, Ukraine
Miss. Olga Kravets, Ukraine
Mr. Primož Kocuvan, Slovenia
Dr. Tom Dyble, United States
Mr. Tony tupar, Slovenia
Mr. Vadim Panashcha, Estonia
Miss. Vlada Suković, Montenegro


Alexandra Sabolova
Alexandra is a journalism student at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her areas of specialization are broadcast media and foreign politics. She intends to finish her degree by July 2009 and pursue graduate studies in international relations in Germany. Before going for a master's degree, she will take a year off to volunteer in Chile. Alexandra's journalistic experience includes internships at a Slovak daily newspaper, at the Slovak Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is an active member of the Young Liberals youth organization. Alexandra also enjoys sports and meeting inspiring people. She is open-minded, travels extensively, reads plenty in the process and loves learning about foreign cultures.

Anahid Alice Danielian
Alice was born in Romania, but has Armenian roots. She lives in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Since December 2007, she has been working as corporate loans processing officer at the Risk Division of Raiffeisen Bank. Anahid holds a BA in Finance and Banking from the Academy of Economic Studies. Currently, she is pursuing a MA in Financial Management and Financial Market at the Academy of Economic Studies because she would like to become a financial analyst. While studying, Anahid took part at two Scientific Communications Sessions - External Sources for Financing the Romanian Infrastructure (2005) and The EU Insurance Market (2005). She also attended German language classes at Goethe Institute (obtaining a Zertificat Deutsch), pedagogy classes at the university, flute and guitar classes at Music and Art School, and painting, dance and language classes at the Armenian School in Bucharest. Her hobbies include reading, playing the guitar and flute, and traveling.

Andjelija Babic
Andjelija is studying at the Faculty for International Economy, Finance, and Business at UDG University in Donja Gorica, Montenegro - the first European faculty founded on classical liberal thought. Andjelija's view of life is based on similar ideas and principles. Andjelija is a very open person and likes people very much. She believes she is an interesting person and she likes a little bit of danger in her life. Hence, she tried many extreme sports, including skydiving. Andjelija respects honesty. She believes there are no limits in success, freedom and libertarian way of thinking.

Andreea Moraru
Andrea was born on the 8th of December 1984 in Romania. After obtaining a BA degree in Finance from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Andrea pursued a master's degree in Finance at the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. Currently, Andrea is an intern at the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest. In her free time, Andrea is an active member of AMOFIB (Association Monnaie-Banque-Finance of University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne), of AEGEE (Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants) and of the Young Liberal Party in Romania. Her hobbies are numismatics, traveling, and volunteering.

Andrej Stanimirovic
Andrej graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia, majoring in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Andrej rarely has the opportunity to exchange ideas and arguments about libertarianism. Most of his communication with libertarians is done through e-mails and through his blog, Trzisno Resenje. He is looking forward to the discussions at the Liberty Camp. Besides, being an entirely self-educated libertarian, Andrej is looking forward to exchanging ideas with his peers, students and lecturers. Finally, he thinks the venue of the Liberty Camp is very exciting.

Anja Bosilkova / Aњa Босилковa
It was on a 16th of October, in Skopje, Macedonia, when Anja first saw the light of this world and put a smile on her face which she never got off. She had a wonderful childhood and lived through exciting teenage times. Success at school was always a piece of cake for her and her biggest achievement was being unanimously voted to be the class president and standing up to all the injustice. She has always been a fighter for individual rights, a fiery debater and a great listener. Nevertheless, she is a caring and loyal friend, a very optimistic girl in love with music and dancing. In her free time, Anja is both a Sudoku and a gammon professional. And, yes, her dream is to travel around the world not in 80, but in 380 days!

Aurelia Slanina
Aurelia was born on May 15th, 1985. She recently finished her graduate studies of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, at the Department of International Economic Relations. Aurelia is currently an employee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, in the Department of International Relations and Foreign Cooperation. As a person, Aurelia is optimistic, ambitious, stubborn and doesn't like when somebody tells her what to do, because everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own. More than anything, she likes being direct, honest and sometimes naughty. Her motto is: a weak person has problems, a powerful one have solutions!

Ayaz Mammadov
Ayaz was born in 1986 in Baku, Azerbaijan. After completing his undergraduate studies at the Azerbaijan's University of Foreign Languages, Ayaz was admitted to the Near East University in Cyprus for a master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, and is expecting to graduate in 2009. Ayaz has been an active member of youth movements in Azerbaijan and has participated in many international conferences and congresses. For example, in April 2007, Ayaz represented Azerbaijan's Ministry of Youth and Sport during an international youth conference in Ankara, Turkey. He speaks four languages and his aim is to become a successful diplomat!

Benjamin David Stafford
Ben graduated in 2008 from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a major in Economics. He has interned at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a state-based free market think tank in the United States where he has published numerous articles. He now works as an assistant to Lawrence Reed, the president of the Foundation for Economic Education.

Bogdan Constantin Enache
Bogdan studied political science at the University of Bucharest. Currently, he is working as a journalist for a national business weekly newspaper. Bogdan's systematic interest in classical liberalism (or liberalism tout court, as he thinks it should be called) really kicked off during his college years. Before that, he did consider himself a liberal for some time. Lately, he's been drawn by several fields--economics in particular, but also philosophy--which he plans to explore alongside political science in the future. Bogdan loves exchanging ideas and meeting different people. He looks forward to the Liberty Camp!

Bohdan Kushpler
Bohdan is 20 years old. He is a Ukrainian, born in Lviv, who is currently studying economics. He is working on a research project on measuring human development efficiency. By participating at the Liberty camp, he hopes to get useful experience that will help him improve his research project. In his free time, Bohdan loves to compose music. He is very happy to have been accepted to the Liberty Camp and looks forward to talking to all of you.

Brindusa Birhala
Having just obtained a BA in Political Science in Bucharest, Brindusa is a strong supporter of civil society, and wishes to strengthen its capabilities and voice in Romania. Brindusa considers education to be paramount in this achievement, as her academic background offered various perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of living in a developing country. Brindusa wishes to become involved in designing and implementing policies and legislation in respect to environmental protection in Romania. Next year, she will be studying in a small academic community in Berlin, the European College of Liberal Arts, focusing on environmental ethics. In Bucharest, Brindusa participated in several projects of the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Development, a libertarian NGO. Being in contact with the young people there, she grew quite fond of the mindset always ready to examine and interpret what everybody takes for granted as liberties or constrains in the permanent and intricate relationship between the individual and the state.

Catinca Hanganu
Catinca is a 22 years old undergraduate student in Bucharest, Romania. She is interested in looking at economics, political science and philosophy from a classical liberal perspective. Catinca plans to continue her studies in the United States, following her year off to work as an intern for pro-market think tanks. She is known for saying, "You are all a bunch of socialists!" in the most inappropriate places, at the most inappropriate times.

Delia Oniga
Delia just graduated in journalism, but she already has a two years work experience at a financial newspaper in Bucharest. In the future, she is determined to do a master's program in anthropology. Delia is still trying to find out what she wants to do with her life (hopefully, she will figure it out soon). Meanwhile, she will try to discover and improve herself.

Diana Maria Deaconescu
Diana lives in Bucharest since 2003. After graduating from the Academy of Economic Studies - Department of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange, Diana enrolled into the master program in Management of Banking Systems. Diana's strong desire is to attend an MA in Economics/Banking abroad. She has not decided which country she will choose, since she is currently in the "research phase". She is working as relationship manager at Alpha Bank Romania. Previously, Diana has worked as loan administrator, mortgage adviser and non-residents manager. Her hobbies include tennis, dancing, music, traveling, banking, and literature. Also, Diana likes changes, a lot of them.

Drazen Cvjetkovic
Drazen was born in Sarajevo. Growing up in Pale, he finished the primary and secondary school there. Drazen is a student of law in his third year. In his free time, Drazen likes to go to the gym and hang out with friends. After graduating from school, Drazen would like to find a job, and to be successful in it.

Elnur Asgarov
Elnur was born in 1985 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He has received bachelor's degree from Azerbaijan University of Foreign Languages, receiving an Honors diploma for very high grades and extensive research activities. Later, Elnur was admitted to the Near East University in Cyprus for a master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, and is expecting to graduate in 2009. He loves sports and cars. Elnur wants to pursue a successful career in diplomacy.

Ileana Grigorescu
Ileana comes from Bucharest, Romania. She cannot really tell what makes her different from the other participants until she gets to know them, which she is eager to do. She can say that she is a music & film fanatic, a fruit gourmet, and that no calamity could prevent her from sleeping late if she really feels the need to. Ileana would like to find some common ground with the other participants regarding libertarianism, because she is very passionate about this topic and hopes to approach it in depth through her studies and work.

Ivan Lovre
Ivan lives in Novi Sad in Serbia. Prior to becoming a postgraduate student in economics, Ivan was a research assistant at a business college in Novi Sad. He hopes that one day he will get his PhD in Finance and Banking. Ivan is very interested in economic theory, history and political philosophy. Ivan likes music (hard core, punk and classic) and computers. He is a smoker. His native language is Serbian, but Ivan also speaks English and Slovakian.

Jan Geder
Jan was born on the 19th of August 1986 in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, as the first child of his family. Since then, he lived with his parents and a younger sister in Radenci, a small town in NE Slovenia, where he attended elementary school. At that point in his life, he got interested in natural sciences and technology. Hence, he made a decision to study chemical engineering at the University of Ljubljana, after successfully finishing high school in Ljutomer. This was one of the best decisions in his life. In the last academic year 2007/2008, Jan spent a year studying at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen in Germany as an exchange student.

Jelena Krgovic
Jelena was born in Montenegro. In 1998, she won a scholarship to attend the Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway. Jelena was lucky to spend the next two years of her life in a very diverse community, engaging in its ideals and ethos which, ultimately, broadened her horizon and had a substantial impact on the way she sees the world. Since then, Jelena graduated in Philosophy at University of Philosophy in Belgrade. Jelena is interested in examining the role of the individual within society, and notions relating to one's freedom and rights. She feels compelled to actively engage in the processes that shape these notions and hopefully also to improve them.

Jozef Priputen
Jozef is studying at the Department of Business Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He is also working closely with the F. A. Hayek Foundation in the Slovakian capital. Moreover, as a junior analyst, Jozef has been involved in several projects dedicated to supporting and disseminating entrepreneurial education in Slovakia. Currently, he is mainly focused on the introduction of program budgeting within local and regional governments. But his life is not just about work and studying! Jozef also loves music and he plays the guitar a lot :)

Kresimir Cvitanovic
Kreso was born in 1980 in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. He enjoys reading, learning and discussing ideas. Lately, he became more aware of the importance of ideas. Therefore, Kreso quit his job as a computer game developer and applied (and was accepted!) to the College of Philosophy in Zagreb. He'll see where this road takes him.

Luka Vidoni
Luka was born on July 23rd 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Currently, he is studying Corporate Finance and Economics at the University of Ljubljana, and hoping to continue his education in the UK. Luka is very interested in everything related to economy. His particular area of interest is taxation, but also fiscal and monetary policy. He is also concerned about the climate change and would love to come across an idea that would sufficiently connect the free market approach with the preservation of our precious green planet. Also, he would love to know more about liberal ideas and how to implement them. Most importantly, he would like to learn more about consequences of such reforms.

Maria Grynevych
Masha was born on July 23, 1987. She is currently pursuing an MA in the Theory and Methodology of Higher Education at the Faculty of Arts. She is attending the Liberty Camp with a hope to gain a practical realization of what she has read and experienced so far. More than anything else, Masha is searching for a way to understand what is going on in her country.

Milutin Pavicevic
Milutin is studying computer sciences at the University of Mathematics in Podgorica, Montenegro. He was twice a junior champion of Montenegro in programming. Milutin is a chief of IT Staff and a member of the main board of SNS, the largest opposition party in Montenegro. Milutin is also one of the leading press, screen and web designers in Montenegro, with one of the largest and most complete portfolios in the Balkans. Interestingly, he has a great knowledge and experience in the movie and TV industry, in editing and special effects departments. Since 2002, Milutin has been a journalist at "Index" and "M style" magazines. Moreover, he is a comic book artist and cartoon animator and an owner and author of the only award-winning political satire blog "Дериште". He is a practicing Christian Orthodox.

Nemanja Radoja
Nemanja was born in Belgrade on March 31, 1983. His birthday weirdly coincides with a lot of Euro - integrations deadlines and, even freakier, on his maturity day Slobodan Milosevic was arrested :) So far in his life, Nemanja worked as an electrician, radio marketing producer, night watch, market salesman, driver and a lot of other very various short term jobs that he does not even remember anymore. Currently, he works as a locksmith and a sports journalist. Among other, he is very interested in languages-just try to address him in French, Spanish, Italian or English! ;) He is also very interested in sports, being a professional water-polo player for a while. Currently, Nemanja is a co-coach of a karate team near his home place. He is 184cm tall and weights around 100 kg.

Rok Spruk
Rok lives in Kamnik, a midsized town north of Ljubljana. He studies international economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. His primary fields of interest are macroeconomics, international economics, microeconomics and applied econometrics. His research interests include: economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy, international trade and development, game theory in econometrics and transition in Eastern Europe. As a devoted classical liberal, Rok reads extensively on economic history, history of libertarianism, libertarian philosophy and U.S economic and political history. His favorite authors are: Robert Nozick, Milton Friedman, James M. Buchanan, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand and F.A. von Hayek.

Srdjan Lalovic
Srdjan was born in Sarajevo on September 2nd, 1986. He finished a primary and secondary school in Pale, where he lives and studies. Srdjan is a student of law, and next month he will be in his third year. In his free time, Srdjan plays the guitar and hangs out with friends. After agraduating, Srdjan hopes to be a successful lawyer.

Urska Zagar (aka Ursulla)
Ursulla comes from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. She studies business economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. Beside business economics, entrepreneurship and management, Ursulla is interested in human resource development and global communication. She believes that knowledge in economics and resource development is the key to a successful career in business and entrepreneurship. Recently, she has been introduced to classical liberal thought. She believes that free markets, the rule of law and limited government lead to a free and prosperous economy.

Vasko Dragovic
Vasko was born on August 23rd, 1984 in Berane, Montenegro. He also attended a high-school in Berane. Currently, he is studying at the University of Montenegro Law School in Bijelo Polje. Vasko is a very communicative, reliable, sociable and open-minded person. He would like to improve himself and meet new people.

Vera Milenkovic
My name is Zverka or Verka Zverka. MI 6 is sending me to Slovenia to prepare the field for the Queen. I am a stubborn, talkative and naughty agent, but faithful and funny--you should remember that :) Secret code is: "LIBERTY CAMP", in case something goes wrong... I am co-operative, and I hope that I will travel more in the future and learn, and also teach history, law, human rights in some exotic parts of our world!

Victor Popa
Victor is a 22-year-old from Galati, southeast of Romania. He is still working on his BA thesis on the role of religion in Tocqueville's political thought and hopefully will graduate this winter--he's already running late... Viktor is also planning to apply soon for a PhD in political philosophy somewhere in Europe and after that, well, he will figure out the rest.

Вікторія Нікітюк / Viktoria Nikityuk
Viktoria obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and entrepreneurship from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She is working as a project manager in marketing and is interested in questions related to international trade and free-market economy. During the Liberty Camp, she hopes to apply the ideas of classical-liberalism in developing countries like her own. In her free time, she enjoys being active; she loves caving (speleology), cycling, traveling, skiing, and having "beer fun" with her friends. In addition, she likes jazz, art, and tres to enjoy every moment of her life. Viktoria's motto is "feel free, do what you like, and like what you do!"

Zoltan Kesz
Zoltan is a 34-year-old teacher from Hungary. Eight years ago, he had the opportunity to teach American History to American high school students in California, for a whole year. He is also heading a publishing company which is going to publish two books by Ayn Rand in the near future. In order to change the present system of politics in his country, Zoltan is determined to spread the ideas of Rand, Hayek, Locke and other similar thinkers.



























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